If Hillary Wins it’s our Fault

October/02/2016 7:38AM
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The Clinton machine and the media bias are up and running in high gear. She is spending millions and they are throwing in more than matching funds. Every day the public is inundated with criticism of some inane, superfluous fact about Trump. Yesterday it was the 3AM tweet about the beauty queen, today it  is some obscure fact about his taxes. Tomorrow, who knows?

The mere fact that the media in this country can be so blatantly biased and stay in business is an indictment of you and me.  If all non-liberals stopped buying their liberal product there aren’t enough liberals to keep their leaky boats afloat. It’s always been bad, but this year is embarrassingly bad.

What are they writing and talking about? Things that don’t matter.  The Chicago Tribune, now with a majority owner, Michael Ferro, a technology entrepreneur, actually endorsed Gary Johnson. Need I say more? First, there is not one technology baron who is not a far-left liberal. Second, the founders of a once-great publication must be spinning in the graves, Gary Johnson.

The debate, run by the media, was an exercise in bias and minutiae.  Briefly touched on relevant issues, then corkscrewed into trivial matters. This favors Clinton, since she has no platform to deal with the big issues. Since the debate the public attention following the media’s baton has stayed right there.

Let me summarize the Clinton economic plan. Tax the rich, put solar panels up all over the country, free college tuition, and a 65% estate tax rate. Hey, Willy Nelson, no need for farm aid anymore, there will be zero family farms with Hillary.  See, family farms are land rich and cash poor. The acreage at current rates will create an estate tax bill that will force the next generation to sell to the corporate farmers. The same applies to family businesses. Ever read or hear this in the media?

We are deep into the style of the candidates and totally ignoring what matters. Like the $20 trillion in debt, the real jobs situation, the immigration issue, the crime situation, the racial issue, and the corruption in Washington. In the last two elections we voted style and got Obama. In the case of Romney, he could match the style but he made the 47% comment. The media and Obama took that and won the election with that.   Look what that got the country.

My last blog entry described the history of the beauty queen Hillary is still using to show Trump is not sensitive to women. Show me one media outlet that has told that truth about the so-called Miss Piggy issue. Not one. See that would show really bad judgment on the part of the Clinton campaign. Can’t do that.

I am still very optimistic that the media is talking to itself and the liberals who buy their spin. From the day Trump came down the escalator to today, that has been the case. With a 6% approval rating the media is feeding on bottom with carp where they belong. The crowds that show for Trump rallies suggests there is a movement afoot that the media is excluded from joining.

If voters really care about the future of this country it is essential that we dial out the media noise because they have never tried harder to elect their candidate.

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