Clinton’s Have Made America an International Embarrassment

October/29/2016 6:55AM
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Remember Bell, California? Seven city officials, including the mayor, were convicted on graft and corruption charges and given sentences ranging from probation to 12 years in prison. In answer to the question, ‘how did this happen”, the answer was, “the city didn’t have a newspaper.”

How did the Clinton’s do the same thing on an international level and get away with it until now? The answer is the same, “this country doesn’t have a newspaper.” We have lots of them, but when they are in bed with the perpetrators, they don’t report the corruption.

When will the dominoes fall and how many will fall? Too early to tell, but the first one was obviously the pervert, Anthony Weiner. He’s singing like a canary to save his ass and he has the goods in email form. He’ll take Huma down and the Clinton’s, all of them, including darling daughter, Chelsea. Down will come Loretta Lynch and her bag of money Bill left on the plane.

The big questions are: how much damage will this do to my country? Obama has put us on the ropes and this might take years and lots of pain to fix. The really big question is: will Obama go down too? He is already trying to distance himself from Hillary. Cancelling some campaign trips for her. Did he know about the crimes and did he do anything to try to help her with the FBI and Lynch?

She will  give it the Clinton spin and try to dodge it, but not this time.

You might want to take that Hillary for President sign down today.

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