Clinton Corruption

October/27/2016 7:48AM
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Obama will replace Jimmy Carter as the worst president in the last 100 years. His only legacy, ObamaCare, is finished, done, dead. Must be great to have our name attached to a great failure, ask Edsel Ford. Some might say he caught and killed Osama Bin Laden.   That was done by our brave Navy Seals with information garnered from the Bush administration and criticized by Obama. Nothing has gone right in the 8 years of Obama. The economy is stagnant, the IRS is disgraced, the FBI will never recover from the Comey cover-up, the Justice Department will carry the stench of the Loretta Lynch meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton, the Secret Service is seen as a bunch of incompetent drunks, and Common Core is no more. This is what you get when you put a community organizer in a job that is too big for him.

But, Carter was replaced by Reagan and he cleaned up the man’s mess. Now, the media tells us that the janitor for the Obama mess will be Hillary Clinton, co-founder of the Clinton Crime Family. For eight years while Bill was president we had constant legal activity surrounding the Clinton’s. The stink of unethical  behavior permeated the country culminating in his impeachment. On the way out the door they stole the silverware.

I’m not even going to list the source of the odors wafting around Hillary now, it’s an endless list. Obviously, she has the goods on Obama or she would be indicted and on her way to jail. Let’s just start there. She had a personal server so she could visit 111 countries and put the arm on the one’s with money to rake in millions for the money laundering operation know as the Clinton Foundation. It’s as simple as that. By doing that she exposed the country to security risk, not to mention whatever she sold for the cash, like uranium to the Russians. A four-star general is going to serve 4 years for far less, but old Hillary will get away Scott-free. Wiki-leaks prove Obama knew about the server and lied. What’s new?

Here’s the deal. The media know this corruption exists and is rampant. The don’t care. Their political preference is of far greater importance than corruption. See, that’s a form of corruption. The Republican establishment is up to their ears in marginal behavior with those 15,000 lobbyists passing out favors in DC. They will support Hillary and her corruption to keep their corrupt little enterprises going. Fellow Democrats who preach integrity turn the other way, the two most embarrassing are Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, who screams like a banshee about Wall Street corruption. See if you point out corruption where the media agrees it gets attention and votes.

Basically, the entire system is corrupt. Yes, there will be voter fraud, that’s why you can vote without ID supported by the party of corruption and excused by the vacuous idea of racial inequality. Like minorities don’t have ID.

When Trump says he will drain the swamp, this is what he is saying. This swamp. A once-in-a lifetime opportunity. Like living in a reeking corrupt swamp? Vote for Hillary and you will have it and so will your grandkids. Want it fixed? Vote for Trump, he may be an imperfect man, but he’s not on the take and part of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

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