Trump’s Immigration Policy

September/04/2016 5:26AM
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Now all I ask is that you be objective here. Trump went to Mexico and met with the President of Mexico.  The media were pretty unanimous that he pulled a coup and looked very presidential on the stage with the Mexican President.

He went from there to Arizona where he gave his scripted speech on his immigration policy. That was blasted  by the media. He was labeled as bombastic and a liar and the normal media vitriol.

What changed?

The media doesn’t like his position on immigration.

Here is that position.  He will collect and send home all illegals who have committed crimes. He will build a wall and reinforce the border. Having done that he will look at the remaining illegal residents and divine a fair and reasonable plan to give them a possible path to citizenship. That might include them gong back and returning legally depending on their circumstances.

Do you have a problem with this plan? If not, do you have a problem with the media that is against the plan? If that’s the case I suggest you just stop listening to them.

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