Trump’s Business Experience is Winning

September/07/2016 5:36AM
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Trump, per Reuters, has pulled even with Clinton. No one is happy except the American public.

We are witnessing what really happens when a very intelligent businessman runs against a career politician.

He is offering insights we have never been offered by career politicians in my lifetime.  He is ignoring the media and responding to the public.

The vast majority of the voters are tired of someone else telling us what we should support. For example, do you support importing poor people who require government aid from another country illegally? Do you support criminals coming across our borders and even when sent back, coming back again? Do you believe we should make it easy for the Mexican drug cartels to ship product across our borders, and guns and crime? If no to the above, why have you put up with it for years?

Do you think the big cities run by Democratic mayors for 50 years are hopeless and there is no answer? Is there a link between over zealous environmentalists and this problem? Environmentalists don’t want manufacturing in this country. Once, there was manufacturing plants and jobs in these cities.  They want $10 gasoline. Who can’t afford high energy prices? Is there a connection between too much environmental attention and high energy prices. Who suffers most?

Do you like the idea of Obama freeing felons so they can vote?

Do you believe pay for play is always going to be a part of the scene in Washington DC?

Do you believe we should continue to let our military deteriorate? To abuse our veterans? To have government waste? To support the UN when they vote against us on every key issue? To give foreign aid to those who hate us. To let college tuition costs go through the roof? To annex all government land to parks so we can’t touch any resources there? To run the debt up at the rate that Obama has done for the past 7 years? To have a GDP less than 3% forever. To have zero interest rates?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect someone who might just fix some or all of this above.

Are you going to let the media sell you on the other candidate who supports business as usual or worse?


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