Obama Has Been Wrong on Everything

September/15/2016 6:17AM
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Pulled the  troops out of Iraq. Wrong, created ISIS.  Close Gitmo, wrong, can’t get it done and is sending back terrorist fighters. ObamaCare, wrong, it isn’t working and insurance companies are bailing thus leaving it without support.  Drove up the costs of everyone’s health insurance with the only benefit to the insurance companies. Iran Nuclear Treaty, wrong, Iran is trying to prove to the other hostile countries that we are stupid and ineffective and using the money Obama sent to prepare for war.

Energy, how soon we forget Solyndra and other failures that Obama and Dr. Chu invested in trying  to jump-start the alternative energy businesses. Billions were squandered and it isn’t over yet. Tesla is still hanging out there. Cash for Clunkers, big loser. The billion dollar stimulus bill, proved the regulations in this country prevent shovel ready projects. So, Obama added more regulations, a record number.

Race relations, never worse. Terrorism, we had several incidents despite his denial. Bipartisanship , never worse.

Jobs. He claims the unemployment numbers are better. Funny math.

immigration-2Better because no one works anymore. Either there aren’t jobs that fit the skills or it’s easier to live off the government.

He’s pardoned illegals and they are committing crimes at an alarming rate. Now, he wants to bring in more illegals.


Seems like it’s a lot to pay to get more democratic voters. Illegals who cost money we don’t have and may bring a dislike for this country with them.

So now we will get to the big pardons at the end of the line for him. Will he clean out the jails for the cops to try to re-collar? How many Americans will die because of his arrogant stupidity.

He’s campaigning for Hillary. The only thing he ever got right, campaigning. But, if you think he’s been bad, keep in mind there is a candidate who has gotten it wrong as often or more often. Hillary is worse. Hillary is a nightmare.

Who votes for people who always get it wrong? Not me.

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