Islamic Terrorism

September/19/2016 12:43PM
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When is an act of violence an act of Islamic terror?

Obama: never. The media: when Obama says it is. Hillary: after polling the voters, and when a carefully scripted response is put on a TelePrompTer for her to read to a carefully selected media outlet, preferably CNN.

Trump, when he finds that a guy with a beard who came here from Afghanistan or some Middle Eastern country  and worships at a Muslim temple was involved.

Who do you want looking after you, your family, and your neighborhood?

Both the man in Minnesota and New Jersey were apprehended. The Federal Government had nothing to do with either. In Minnesota it was an off duty cop. The governor had recently made a big speech welcoming immigrants to his state. Minnesota may need a new governor.

In New Jersey the guy was sleeping in a bar doorway. Bar owner called the cops(smart move). Cops go to roust him and he starts shooting. Cops drop him. Some guy from the Wall Street Journal is interviewed on Fox News and praises the FBI and Federal agencies for tracking him down so fast.  New York City may need a new mayor since this one coined a new term,” intentional act”, to replace Islamic terror.

We do need a new president since this one plans to send more of these Islamic terrorists our way. The Democratic Party may need a new candidate since this one would double down on Obama’s plan.

Why do they lie to us? It is what they do. Why do we accept it?, because we never had a choice before. Now we do.  Trump will throw all the political correctness out the window and stop the insanity.

“It’s not who we are as a country”, the Obama/Hillary  dogmatic mantra will be replaced by some good old fashioned common sense. He’s not importing votes from Syria or from Mexico or from prison releases.  He won’t ship any more from Gitmo back to do battle. He will fill it up again.

We don’t need to turn this country into a third world banana republic where we are afraid to walk our streets. We can clean house here and abroad and return sanity to our country.

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