Hillary’s Health

September/12/2016 12:07PM
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The cat is out of the bag. She collapsed on video, threw a shoe, and was loaded into the truck like a big sack of grain. The big African-American doctor at her side. Social media has been speculating about her health issues for weeks. The other times she has needed help getting up stairs, the hacking cough, the spasms, the memory losses, etc. The so-called legitimate media calling foul and telling us she is fine.

First it was allergies, then it’s pneumonia. She is hauled off to her daughter’s apartment.  She, or as the social media is saying(again, they seem to get it right), a body-double with a turned down nose speaks to a staged minority child who appears on the sidewalk. Is this a Disney movie?

Now, that same so-called legitimate media is speculating whether she can make it to the finish line in November. The have Joe Biden warming up in the bullpen and ask what the legal options are to take her out of the game.

You ask what kind of person would try to perpetrate a health fraud on the pubic when the presidency is at stake?

Asked and answered.

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