Charlotte Riots

September/24/2016 6:55AM
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No it’s not a protest. To call it that is a bald- faced lie. It’s not a shopping spree even though merchandise is being removed. It’s not a camping trip even though fires are set. There are no signs like a protest requires. No one is on a box saying “I had a dream.” Not a soul is expressing a concern about Chicago where they have had over 3,000 shootings so far in 2016. It’s a riot and it needs to be put down like all riots.

It began with Ferguson, Mo where a black thug who just walked out of a store with stolen merchandise refused to get out of the middle of the road when a cop requested he do so. A scuffle ensued and the young man tried to take the cop’s gun. The cop shot him. The main stream media(MSM) went crazy. They convicted the cop for days and weeks. The city burned and people were shot and stores were looted. Obama and Reverend Al keep it going. The “if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon” president, who had to invite a Cambridge, MA cop to the Rose Garden for a beer over a similar incident, stepped in it again. How many cops have died since then? It was said by the MSM that Ferguson didn’t have a representative number of blacks running the community.

Back to Charlotte. This is a city run by Democrats for years and years. It’s a black police chief and a black cop who shot the man in the incident that sparked the riot. The black police chief says it was a righteous shooting, that the man shot brandished a gun. Hillary Clinton immediately combined the Tulsa shooting with this and said we need to stop the cops from shooting black victims.

The Democrats playing politics for black votes and the MSM trying to create news are responsible for this. Trump has hit a nerve with black voters. Conditions for blacks in cities like Chicago have never been worse. Unemployment for young black men is over 30%. Democrats have run cities like Chicago and Charlotte for years and years and it just gets worse and worse. Failed policies. The MSM’s coverage of these events will always err on the side of promoting more violence. The cop in Ferguson was guilty until there was a trial and he wasn’t. Cops in Baltimore were guilty in the Freddie Gray incident until there were trials and they weren’t.  Every situation is covered with the cops looking bad.  Have we reached a point where any cop, white or black, shooting any black is going to be a riot? If it’s left to the MSM it will be.

Mayor Emmanuel, Chicago’s mayor, whose political career is in the dumpster over violence, made a ‘save my job speech” this week. The central theme, hire more cops. Sure, put more cops in this war zone and wait until some incident like Tulsa, Charlotte, or an earlier shooting in Chicago occurs, then have a nice riot in Chicago. You want cops to tamp down the violence but you want perfect cops. Like unicorns, they don’t exist.

Statistics show there are more whites shot by cops than blacks. They show more black commit crimes by percentage of population than whites. Obviously, that unemployment number has something to do with that as does the poverty in the black community. It’s not a simple solution and simple solutions put forth by folks like Obama(gun control) show he’s simple.

But, I can assure you of this. As long as politicians choose to politicize cop shootings and with heavy lifting from the evil MSM there will be riots like we see in Charlotte.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    I must point out that the political correctness police have repudiated the term looters and we are now to use the term “undocumented shoppers”. These aren’t riots, they are “actions to further the cause of social justice”.

  2. HARRY NGUYEN says:

    super writing. not sure why this site required email to leave comment (probably to avoid create account)

  3. HARRY NGUYEN says:

    LOL the captcha is tricky. lost my 1st comment. 2nd try.

  4. HARRY NGUYEN says:

    oh my comment still there. not lost. OK.

    thanks for the article again.

    i got the captcha now. (smart one me)

  5. HARRY NGUYEN says:

    I dont use Facebook so have tweet out your article. let me know if that not OK

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