Rio Olympics, Media, and Trump

August/10/2016 6:41AM
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For weeks our trusted media, all versions, without exception, told us of the disaster that would be the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Filthy conditions, crime,  unfinished facilities, unlivable quarters for the athletes, and , of course, the Zika virus.  So far, none has come to pass. Were they lying? Maybe just exaggerating. Did they have their own agenda and decided we needed to hear what they thought about this event? Was it group think? How else can we explain why they all tell us the same story? Is that journalism, reporting the facts and giving us the unvarnished truth. No, it’s selling their version of reality..

For months, the same media is doing the same thing with Donald Trump. There are no advocates. No one reporting the huge crowds that turn out for his rallies. Trump is Rio.  Hillary is the story had the Olympics come to Chicago as planned. Chicago, the city where the king of sleazy news, the one great Chicago Tribune, ran these headlines on successive days. “702  shootings by city’s cops , not one federal prosecution” and today, “9 killed on city’s deadliest day in 13 years”.  Let’s see , day 1 lets see if we can stir up the protests into riots and get some cops shot, and day two, the city is going down the tubes due to crime and it must be the cops’ fault. Is it me or is there some serious hypocrisy in the headlines?

Remember, these Olympics would be in Chicago if Obama had closed the deal. If that had happened, would the media told the world about the perils of being in the murder capital of the world and the risks Chicago posed these days?

So, the same great institutions that told you Rio would be a disaster are now telling you vote for Hillary because Trump would be a disaster. Are you buying anything from them anymore?

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Um…no. Who would? The media have made it clear that they are not neutral.

    When the NYT is printing articles that try to “justify” the incredibly biased coverage of Mr. Trump, you know in your heart they know no shame.

    They are scum. Karma’s a bitch and I really cannot wait until it bites every one of them in their big fat butts.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is US journalism. In spades.

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