Hillary’s America

August/21/2016 6:32AM
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I set out to find who is supporting Hillary Clinton in such large numbers that the mainstream media is handing her the presidential election.

First, as a retired marketing executive, I thought about the polling process. At one time I was in change of lubricants at my company. We did extensive consumer research on competitive brands. We used this to determine market share for competitors. The question was: what is your preferred motor oil brand. Based on these responses we determined the market shares.  The head of our consumer research department and I were looking at the data one day and decided we would add two questions. After the aforementioned question, we added, what did you buy last and why?

Funny thing. We would get the same answer to the original question: Quaker State, my daddy bought Quaker State, my granddad bought Quaker State, and I buy Quaker State. Then the what did you buy last: Valvoline, and the why : it was 5 cents cheaper. The market shares were all wrong and there was no brand loyalty. It had become a commodity and was strictly a price product.

So to all these pollsters that are telling you and me that Hillary is running away with this election, I would add two questions. One: are you planning to vote. Two: why? See, the media is really doing Trump a favor by telling us that the election is a lock. First, Hillary has slowed her campaigning. Those same wise media people tell us that it’s because she has it in the bag. I say she’s so damned sick she can’t keep up the hectic pace of two rallies a week vs. Trump’s six.

Second, if you are a Hillary supporter in November and she has it locked, why drag your lazy ass to the polls?

Who are those Hillary fans. Well, they live in those blue states that we know so well. They are on food stamps. They don’t want a job if you offered one. Many are here illegally. They hate cops. They go to Trump riots and spit on people and hit people. They are union dues payers, we think. I’m sure about the public union employees, not so sure about the trades where they haven’t worked for years. Teachers and professors, for sure. Entertainers, of course. Uber rich, yes, Warren Buffet and his tribe. Pseudo intellectuals. Urban young. Women, maybe.

Of course, through the years they drove an Edsel, a DeLorean, and now a Tesla. They drank New Coke, Pepsi AM, and Crystal, Orbitz soda, Coors Rocky Mountain Spring Water. They bought the Beta Max from Sony. Owned a Nook and an Apple Newton and used Windows Vista, ate Wow chips and took Ben Gay aspirin for aches and pains. ( a collection of classic product failures)

All of this explains why this country could possibly elect a very ill woman president. She is hiding her illness because she doesn’t care about the country or her loyal supporters, she is dedicated to the quest. We have reached this low in America. Ford should re-introduce the Edsel. There are now a majority of lemon buyers in this country to make it a best seller. Otherwise, why would we elect a serial liar who never accomplished a thing president when she is suffering form what might well be a debilitating illness that would prevent her from serving?

Why the Kardashians? Their fans will vote for Hillary and they are still lamenting the absence of Paris Hilton. You good Hillary supporters who want to see the debt clock hit $25 trillion in three years  need to take a trip to the mirror, look into it long and hard and repeat after me: ” I am smart enough to know that this is a very bad idea.”

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  1. Charlotte says:

    She is hiding her illness because she doesn’t care about the country or her loyal supporters, she is dedicated to the quest

    No, she is dedicated to making our country a banana republic (just furthering the present jerk POTUS) where she will sell this country further down the river.

    The only thing she is dedicated to is herself, money and power.

    Ask yourself this question: If a REPUBLICAN candidate for POTUS had not held a press conference for over 200 days, what would the “press” be doing? You know it would be all over the news 24/7, on every station, on every newscast, and a movie would be in the works showing what an evil person the R candidate is.

    The press is so stupid and they think we are too. I guess we will find out in November.

    GO TRUMP 2016.

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