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August/15/2016 5:10AM
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 Here’s a few days Twitter dump from this old blogger. Might be a laugh or two in here.

  1. vote for herYou get a senile bag who hasn’t driven for 20 yrs but handles a mean walker.Gum that food

  2. These jerks who say they can’t support tell you they support this

  3. when you buy a car you buy the product not the salesperson

  4. says yawns over economic plan. The closest USA Today ever got to Wall Street was to join occupy Wall Street

  5. I remember when this happened. It’s going to happen with .The tide has turned and the media is on her

  6. the networks turned on her today regarding the connection between the foundation and her State Dept.

  7. wins again. Not real proud of my secondary residence. Eighty year old drooler sent back to DC

  8. always remember the same geniuses who trashed are trashing

  9. The money-losing newspaper is down to one use. If you have a bird you can use it.If not the NY Times

  10. those offended by Trump offend me. They will destroy this country. Ignore them

  11. Journalists are no more. They have reverted to the oldest profession. Prostitutes and pimps for liberals

  12. I don’t care if is PC, who he insults, or if his wife is here legally. Ijust want to stop becoming Venezuala

  13. Over Pulled from the Jack jug. Better qualified than Barack, per Barack. Not saying much is it?

  14. Tuesday will tell how Arizona voters feel about the establishment. Polls are all over the place

  15. The 2 biggest losers in Nov. Hillary will lose big and the sleazy media pimping for her will never be trusted.

  16. Poll: Donald Trump Close to Hillary Clinton, GOP Support Dips – Breitbart the only honest poll. Trump’s fine.

  17. Top jobs: Get elected trashing daily Get another by exaggerating cop shootings.Nice

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