Trump and WikiLeaks

July/27/2016 18:31PM
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Today Donald Trump stated that he thought it would be appreciated by the media if the Russians or whoever was doing the Wikileak hacking could find the 30,000 missing e-mails from Hillary’s server.  The Democrats and the media went crazy. Since they are one and the same, it explains why the reaction was the same. Calling it an act of treason and that it should disqualify him for the presidency.

O.K. let’s be objective. It’s an extension of the criticism leveled at the Russians when the batch of WikiLeaks was released. Wait, was it the Russians who hatched the plot t take Bernie Sanders out of the race? Did the Russians put all of that offensive language in those e-mails? No, it was the Democrats. Did they fire Debbie Wassermann over the e-mails? Yes. Did Hillary hire her to work on her campaign after she was fired? Yes.  Did Hillary look into the camera on 60 Minutes and say she nothing about the acts the WikiLeaks documents exposed? Do you believe that?  It is remotely possible That Debbie, perhaps a nastier person than Hillary, threatened to go public with Hillary’s knowledge and she is being compensated for her silence? Don’t know and will never know unless WikiLeaks tells us.

Sadly, WikiLeaks is doing the work journalists are being paid to do. Journalists are working to get Hillary elected. I don’t condone the methods they use to get their information, but God bless them for exposing the corruption that existed.

When the party and the press scream national security foul for Trump joking about the possibility of getting the missing emails, does that make sense? Weren’t the missing e-mails the big national security  issue. When they say have the FBI investigate do you chuckle? What FBI, the one that investigated the private server?

This is a party is panic seeing the convention center in near riot mode and often half full as the Sander’s supporters empty half of it nightly. This is a scene where cops in Philadelphia are double those in Cleveland since the Sanders people and the Black Lives Matter people prowl nightly in near outbursts waiting for a spark. They forgot the American flag for the first two days, now they have six. Someone waved the Lebanese flag, sorry Jews. They also forgot the words ISIS and Islamic terrorism.

I choose to watch a little Fox News and a lot of House of Cards. It’s a show about a corrupt president, Francis Underwood, who is not above any act to get and keep power. His wife, Claire, is as bad, or worse. Reminds me of a certain family in American politics. One spoke last night, I didn’t see it but read the quotes and the media infatuation, ” In the summer of 1971 I met a girl. Got her to marry me”. Unsaid was, after that I tried to have sex with every woman I met, willing or not. I have a friend who had a photo op with Mr. Clinton. Afterward, his wife asked ” should I have said something when he grabbed my ass during the picture?” Got the picture?

Well, back to House of Cards for me tonight. Somehow it seems more real than what’s going on at the DNC and how it’s being reported.

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