The Death of Investigative Journalism

July/07/2016 6:42AM
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bernstein and woodward

Remember these guys, Bernstein and Woodward. Woodward grew up in my adopted home town, Wheaton, Illinois where I’ve lived for 37 years. Their work brought down a president. They uncovered the infamous Watergate break-in that caused Nixon to resign. Take a good, hard look at this picture. That kind of reporting went the way of the passenger pigeon.

passenger pigeon

That beautiful bird is extinct. Done in by humankind. A stark reminder of what we can do to nature. Investigative journalism is extinct here in America as well, also done in by humankind. Not shot into extinction , but , by design. Maybe it had already started before Watergate, I can’t really say. If Nixon had been a Democrat, perhaps the bosses at the Washington Post would have killed the story. Whenever the heads of all media in this country became part of the Hollywood and academia liberal movement, all objectivity ended.

Some of the greatest investigative opportunities of all time are lying dormant due to the death of objective reporting. Where would I begin?

1. The factual background of one Barack Obama. Why does no one remember him in undergraduate school? How did he get there, what are his academic records? How did he get into Harvard Law school?

2. The IRS scandal. Lois Learner takes the 5th.  Did all of Nixon’s men get by with that?

3. Benghazi. Did Bernstein and Woodward trust a Trey Gowdy to get to the truth?

4. The Justice Department was culling reporters’ phone records. They can’t even protect themselves when its the Democrats doing them wrong. Add the James Rosen criminal charges to that. Then monitoring his phones and emails.

5. Holder then perjured himself by lying about approving the Rosen investigation.

6. Fast and Furious. The guns to the Mexican Drug lords program. Holder then lied about when he knew about this great idea.

7. Sebelius demanded payment donations from companies the HHS might regulate to help ring up uninsured Americans for ObamaCare.  That’s never happened, the signing of uninsured Americans,  but is it a story? Is the failure to get uninsured on insurance a story? Is the stupendous increase in health care premiums a story?

8. Reckless spending by agencies. The GSA blow out in Vegas that cost $823K, the Veterans Affiairs $6 million on two conferences in Orlando.

9. The Clinton Foundation. The FBI supposedly has 150 agents working on this. Zero investigative reporters report.

10. The Secret Service goes nuts.  The administration fires IG’s who poke into things they don’t like. Examples: they paid millions to Axelrod to promote ObamaCare, Pigford scandal-paying several billion dollars in cash to thousands of minority and female farmers who weren’t discriminated against by the Agricultural Department, Solyndra and all the Solyndra’s , and on and on.

11. Illegals freed from prisons by Obama who commit crimes.

12. Muslim immigrants who have committed crimes.

13. Pouring through the Hillary e-mails released by WikiLeaks to see if the FBI blew the investigation. Showing a slight indignation over the FBI and Justice Department decisions on those e-mails.

There’s a dozen Watergates in this pile of trash, but not one Bernstein or Woodward stepping forward to expose the truth. Why not? They would be fired in a heartbeat. See their job is to elect Hillary, not get her indicted. Simple as that. They investigate Republicans and promote Democrats.

They rank just above Congress on the trust meter and Congress is just above Hillary. If the voters know Hillary is distrustful, why doesn’t the media? Love is a wonderful thing. We can forgive those we love, but woe to our enemies. That explains why Jeff Bezos hired a bunch of new reporters at the Washington Post to find a Watergate on Trump but ignore the Watergate that exists on the Clinton’s, the Clinton Foundation, the biggest money laundering crime in history.


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Comments (2)

  1. Charlotte says:

    Quite an impressive list. The founding fathers assumed there would always be the press to keep the government somewhat honest.

    Now that the press is an arm of the Democrat Party they spin the news for the ending that they want. They choose to report things that are not true, then apologize afterwards. And people still will chant the lies as if they are true, even if the lie has been disproven.

    After all, if you aren’t part of the narrative, then you are going to be part of the sacrifice.

    No one should ever, ever trust the press. I would as soon give them the finger than to give them the time of day. They are all scum. ALL.

  2. Doug Gordon says:

    But they’re good on the birth of divisive racial politics and pushing an extreme minority PC agenda, so they’ve got that going for them to retain their 1% readership.

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