Politics and Business Don’t Mix

July/02/2016 5:56AM
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I’ve been a big-time Amazon custom since they just sold books. No more. When Mr. Bezos decided he wanted to be in the newspaper business because he wanted to spread his far-left political positions through print media, he lost me. See, it really irks me when capitalism makes a person so wealthy they can have hobbies like playing politics and I don’t agree with their politics.

Remember them?

dixie chicks

Their audience was Country and Western and they were Hollywood left. Made sure the world knew. Now no one knows who they are and where they perform.

Get this:


Now, comes this guy:


He’s built a shopping empire. Never made a profit, but throws off enough cash to stay afloat and grow. Not happy putting the big box stores out of business, he decides to get in the newspaper business. He buys this:

washington post

It’s pretty far left, just right of the NY Times. Bezos takes it further left and hires a hoard of reporters just to dig into Trump’s past and try to insure this gets elected president.

hillary in robe

A 69 year-old disbarred attorney who can’t drive and wears clothing from the Kim Jung Il fall collection.

Well, let’s keep this simple. amazon


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