Obama Administration: Rules are for Fools

July/15/2016 5:38AM
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We saw it all this week. Loretta Lynch was called before a Congressional Committee to testify about the deal on the tarmac with Bill. No staff present, just the Attorney General and Bill chatting about grandkids and golf. Basically, the AG told Congress she didn’t have to say a word.  She works for the President and Congress is not relevant. The Republican majority is pretty much that. Doormats to Obama. That same so-called establishment that wants to boycott the Republican Convention. Why not, they have boycotted their jobs for four years.

I wrote a comment on a Facebook entry from the ACLJ(American Center for Law & Justice), the conservative offset to the ACLU, and got over 1300 likes and 40 comments. Guess its a hot topic.

Bill Robertson
Bill Robertson No, it’s OK today for the AG to disregard Congress, for a Supreme Court Justice to verbally attack s presidential candidate, for a President to politicize a memorial service, and for a confirmed liar to run for president. No rules these days.


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The president went to Dallas to speak at the memorial for the five fallen heroes who were providing security for Black Lives Matter when a sniper killed them. In the most tactless of fashions the president showed he is a racist by using the event to speak about gun control and to support the Black Lives Matter movement. From day one in office, this president has demonstrated his strong racial bias against whites and contributed to the racial tension that exists in this country. Sadly, it may be political in an effort to bring out the black votes in the November election.

A supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, went public against a presidential candidate. It has always been obvious that Justice Ginsberg ruled by political preference, not by law, but now she has declared it publicly.

Meanwhile, uncle Bernie, supposedly a man of strong principle, endorsed Hillary, a proven liar. All of those millions of dollars young people kicked into his campaign chest either go to Hillary or to make Bernie secure in his retirement years, which should have been 7 years ago. Quite a week.

We can rest assured that some deal was made on that plane between Bill and Loretta. The FBI Director had agents involved with the e-mail investigation sign non-disclosure documents none had ever seen before. So Comey bet the farm on Hillary and Bill. If he loses he will be exposed as part of the great pardon Hillary conspiracy. Along with Lynch. If for no other reason, this should be motivation enough to vote for Trump. Maybe we can restore order to this chaos.  loretta lynch

loretta not answering questionshillary get out of jail card

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