Killing Cops

July/18/2016 14:15PM
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Time to stop tiptoeing around this issue. Angry blacks have declared war on policemen in this country. There is plenty of blame to go around on this, but I have my perspective. My perspective is most closely aligned with this man’s.

Isn’t it interesting how Mr. Lemon refuses to answer any questions from Sheriff Clarke regarding the Black Lives Matter movement? The sheriff takes us back to Ferguson, Missouri where it all started. But, really, it began with the Harvard University professor Henry Louis  Gates, Jr. and Sgt. James Crowley and President Obama on July 16,2009 , merely 6 months into the Obama presidency. Then it moved to Trayvon Martin.  “If  I had a son, he’s look like Trayvon” .  In these cases, the President spoke before the courts spoke.

Then on to Ferguson, “hands up don’t shoot”, burning and looting and riots.   On to Baltimore with Freddy Gray and the indictment of the cops.   Then Sandra Bland, the lady who purportedly kicked the cop and was arrested then committed suicide in her jail cell.

It’s the frequency of visits to the White House of Reverend Al Sharpton, present at all of these situations. Whipping up the emotions of his fellow blacks. It’s the media declaring cops guilty before any investigation. The media that seems to want to make the news rather than report the news. There is no balance to this issue with the media. Whip it up, keep it whipped, and cover it daily, weekly, and even on an anniversary as local Chicago stations did on the 1 year anniversary of the Sandra Bland suicide. Cover the protests, cover the riots, cover the violence and skew it against the police.

Ignore this:

Focus on the blue on black issue. When the president goes to Dallas he denigrated a solemn memorial ceremony by endorsing Black Lives Matter and dragging out the tired old gun control issue.

All of this is why we have a new home-grown terrorist group in America. One directed toward cops. As Sheriff Clarke so aptly said, the police are the  only group  protecting those hard-working black citizens in Chicago from those who are killing them and their children in record numbers.

If more people like Sheriff Clarke don’t set aside political correctness and come forward with solid solutions we will lose more and more policemen to this movement. CNN could start by firing Mr. Lemon. He personifies the media involvement in this crime spree.

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  1. bill says:

    A 6yr. old black child was shot sitting on her porch today in Chicago. law and order must return to this country and creating a situation where the police can’t go after the bad guys will not make it happen.

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