Gun Control

July/11/2016 15:54PM
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Every mass shooting that has occurred since 2008 has brought the same response from President Obama and his followers. Gun Control. Everyone who doesn’t buy his simple ridiculous solution has scoffed. We know the government has failed when they have tried things like this. Prohibition for the alcohol problem. Jimmy Carter trying to run the oil business from the White House and creating lines around the block. I’m in the latter camp, but I am willing to try something.

See, in the business world they have what they call market testing. You have a big new idea, you don’t roll it out across all markets, you test it in a market to see if it works. You establish a set of quantative expectation and then measure against those goals.  So, Obama, Hillary, most Democrats, a few so-called Republicans who hate guns period, and the rest of you who hate gun owners, the NRA, and the 2nd Amendment let’s give your ideas a try.

Here’s your test market:

Here’s your test program.

1. Establish your gun control program here. Not  one of you has ever put any proposal in writing. Put it down  on paper and  spell it all out. What guns are prohibited, what is the criterion for owning a gun, what is the penalty for an illegal gun, etc. Draw the border around the area in the above document that shows where the shootings occur. Or, just say the city limits of Chicago. That’s your test market where you implement this high-minded gun control plan.

2. Set the improvement parameters and qualify the goals. Establish the time frame to measure progress, 1 year, 2 years, etc.

That’s it, shut the hell up about gun control until you can prove in this test market that it makes a difference. Should be like fishing with dynamite. It’s a war zone. If black lives truly matter, make it matter here when so many die every week. Women and kids and innocent bystanders. Far more than the police kill each year.  Let Father Pfleger, Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al, the new Black Panthers, the Black Lives Matter Organization and other interested parties who have hollered for gun control help design the plan. Probably every gun in those record number of shootings for 2016 was illegal , so you just have to gather up those and you’ve got some gun control. Unless, of course, some leak in from other parts of the country.  Or, from other countries, like Mexico. How you get around the profiling is up to you, since most of the areas where the shootings occur are predominantly black. But, law-abiding black neighbors are asking for something like this.

Get about it and prove to skeptics like me that you can make any gun control program work. No more talk, just do it.

See, if I have a problem I would address it this way: 1. Call the police. I have the utmost respect for their training and ability to help me. I have never had a problem with a cop. Of course, I am polite and don’t tell the cop to kiss my ass when he asks me to do something.  Maybe that is a factor. 2. I would grab my model 12 Winchester pump with a poly choke. It appears to me that those of you who will be running the market test in Chicago want the good people of Chicago to give up both of those options. You hate the cops and you want to take the guns from the peaceful people in the war zone who need them. Then, you will protect them, right? No thanks folks.

But, I could be wrong, so prove it. Go make it work in Chicago.

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