And so it Begins…..Media’s Billion Dollar Advertising Campaign for Hillary

July/24/2016 9:19AM
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hillary get out of jail cardhillary in the subwayHillary's server$10 gasolinehillary for prisontruck assmoney lauderingCatherine Johnsonhillary in orange pantssuitfat-bastard-michael-moore-293x300clinton foundationHillary fallingThe Democratic National Convention is underway and the real support from the media for their candidate of choice begins. Last week was the negative campaign. They did everything they could possibly do to  denigrate the Trump Convention. See, it’s a two edged sword. Praise Hillary and produce negative material about Trump. Hillary has raised more money but its a pittance compared to what the media will provide free. So today, I will do may best to give Hillary a big boost for her official nomination just as the media did for Trump last week.

fluke get's it all Hillalry lyingSo, lets see. Vote for Hillary, she’s a lying elderly citizen who has never accomplished anything but support her husband who has been accused of raping more women than Bill Cosby, who is going to face a jury for his deeds, screwed up her campaign against Obama and gave us him for the first 4 years(Romney did the rest).  Trump gave us a list of the carnage from her stint as Secretary of State, but the media ignores that. There’s the ongoing FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation and their money laundering deal. WikiLeaks showed how she kept Bernie at bay in this campaign. She will now take Bernie’s money that kids gave him maxing out their credit cards. Or, whatever Bernie doesn’t keep for his retirement, sorry kids, but an old man wo has also never done anything needs a nest egg.

So, as a retired marketing executive, I’m finishing my fair and objective coverage of the Democratic National Convention the way the media would cover it if they were really journalists. Vote for Hillary.

hillarly dancing with mediahillary caponehillary did to billhillary as obamahillalry bills says noOh, yes, one more thing to support Hillary. You will see Michael Brown’s Mom at this convention asking to have more cops killed in the memory of her thug son.

hillary and micaels mom

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