Orlando Shootings

June/13/2016 9:32AM
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uncle samThis is Hillary’s first comments following the shootings:

“We need to keep guns like the ones used last night out of the hands of terrorists or other violent criminals.” —Hillary on the FL attack

Now, let’s try a little logic here. Something politicians never try. Both Obama and Clinton blamed guns. Hillary’s comment (above) defies logic and should be enough in itself to cause one to say, she is unfit to be president. It insults the intelligence of every American. Both of the aforementioned say it’s impossible to do what Trump has espoused when he says he wants to round-up all the illegals and deport them. Can’t do that, but you can round-up all the guns designated by either Obama or Clinton as illegal guns and confiscate them.  Really, who is left with illegal guns? Criminals and terrorists, I would guess. With porous borders how hard is it to bring in assault weapons? Who brings them in? Or, try this. So you made it impossible for Mr. Mateen to buy an assault weapon and he decided to take the route taken by the Boston Marathon bombers( his idols) and walked in with a bomb and set it off? Would there be 50 victims or 200?

I am offended and insulted by both President Obama and Ms. Clinton. I am doubly upset that the mainstream media wants me to buy their narrative. It makes absolutely no sense. It’s not an NRA issue nor a Constitutional issue,  its flat ignorance. When a leader wants to sell ignorance I consider that leader to be ignorant. It’s a Fairy Tale answer to real serious problem and one that will get worse, not better.

In the history of the world no one thing has killed more people than religion. It is happening again.

Now, let’s switch to the other extreme. I hear retired military on TV saying we need to go wipe out ISIS. Didn’t we just do that once? Then, we get a leader who knows more than all leaders and generals and decides we don’t need to leave troops in Iraq. After all, he was a community organizer. Troops remain in Japan, Germany, Korea, etc. No, not Iraq. These hawks will have us back in Iraq, Iran, and Syria with hundreds of young brave American youth dying for ignorant politicians and generals.

Let’s get real. The people here who are being recruited to do this are not Baptists. They are Muslims. We need to stop inviting any more in, right Mr. Trump. I don’t believe we were importing Germans and Japanese during WWII. We need to seal our borders, not just for people but for guns and bombs. We need to tie a can to the tail of every Muslim in this country. Sorry folks, but until you convince your uncles and cousins back home to stop warring with us, you give up some freedom. Don’t like it, move back home or to London. Don’t close Gitmo, expand Gitmo. If a Muslim like Mr. Mateen even breathes a bit of hatred for us, off to Gitmo. There is certainly an underground intelligence between Muslims regarding who is being radicalized. Tap into that.

Israelis have lived with this for decades and they have been forced to take steps to minimize the civilian violence. Duplicate what them have done. I  am tired of all the other options. We either do this or we do nothing. No more sending 20,000 of our finest to fight millions of them on their home field. For what? No more lying about gun control solving anything. Get real people.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Yes, let’s get real.

    I am so sick and tired of law abiding people getting the blame for the fact that MUSLIMS HATE US. Their religion requires them to HATE US.

    THEY WANT TO KILL US. It’s not up for negotiation.

    Mr. Trump is the ONLY one who addresses these facts. YES, FACTS!

    Thank you again for your blog. Love it!

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