The Republican Establishment at it’s Best

May/09/2016 6:36AM
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Here’s what the so-called Republican establishment does best, ask for money. I have zero respect for either Romney or Paul Ryan. I didn’t include page two because it’s just more smoke blown about how great Paul Ryan is and what wonderful things he can do for our country.

In my judgment Paul Ryan is a low-level bean counter who should be doing simple tax returns at an H&R Block. The republican Party embarrassed themselves when John Boehner resigned from the Speaker of the House job and they had to beg Ryan to take the job. He didn’t want to put in the hours. Romney neglected to mention that Ryan’s a 20 hour a week guy when he pointed out his many assets. A part-timer. But, aren’t they all?

These are the people who refuse to endorse Trump. Says a lot doesn’t it. Not for them, but for Trump. So, when the media gives you the anti-Trump stuff every day between now and the election, keep this in mind. They like guys who spend most of their time fund-raising, but don’t support those who might be powerful leaders and who might be able to lift this country out of the mess the fund-raisers have put us into.

romney pimps for ryan

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