Illinois Will go Broke

May/20/2016 6:40AM
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Detroit did it. Puerto Rico is doing it. Illinois is doing it. Chicago may help the state and then join the state in the bankruptcy. Here’s the recipe.

First you elect Democratic leadership. Or, progressives, as they like to be called. Then, if you haven’t already, you unionize all government workers.  Remember, even Franklin Roosevelt said you shouldn’t do that.

Next, you create a symbiotic relationship. A percentage of union  dues go to keep the favored politicians in office. The favored politicians give the  unions everything they want.  Highest possible wages, best possible benefits, greatest number of jobs. Simple as that.

Illinois voters see the handwriting on the wall and elected a billionaire Republican governor. He is trying to fulfill his campaign promises and cut expenses and get to a budget that will produce some surplus to reduce the deficit that will eventually result in bankruptcy for the state.  But, the American Federation of State, County  and Municipal employees union will have none of that. Nor, will the Democrats who got their jobs through the support of that union. They introduced House Bill 580 which will  strip  the governor of his ability to negotiate union contracts. see, they know he won’t agree t their current demands. They want $3 billion in additional salary and benefits  Four year  raises ranging from 11.5 to 29 percent. Overtime after 37.5 hours, five weeks of vacation and enhanced health care coverage.

Illinois workers are the highest paid in the country a an average of $59,088, more than California. They have the best Cadillac health care benefits in the nation. Most receive free retiree health insurance.  This benefit costs taxpayers $200,000 to $500,000 per state retiree. Career state retirees receive $1.6 million in pension benefits. For that, they kicked in an average of $63,000.

Add to that the fact that the state has the most government workers per capita in the nation. The state has hundreds of townships. Their only job is to tax and maintain roads. But, they don’t do much on roads and adjacent cities could do the tax work. Thousands of redundant employees. The state has by far the most school districts in the country. This means duplication at every level. Since the average retired superintendent is getting $200,000-400,000 in retirement pay, it does add up to big money.

People are leaving the state. Businesses are leaving the state. Both are needed to support the huge bills for all of the above.

Some well-meaning politicians have tried to get some pension relief. Liberal judges appointed by liberal politicians say no. Some have tried to get term limits. Same judges, same decisions.

So, there it is. No fixing it.  The City of Chicago is the biggest drain since the most workers live, work, and retire from there. But, they don’t retire in Illinois. Throw the worst crime problem in the nation on top of these problems and you can see why the real estate recovery in Chicago is lagging. Teachers in Chicago are threatening to strike for more money.

Would you think there would be a public outrage to fix this before the whole thing hits the drain?

There is one more piece. The media support this whole mess. A responsible, honest, and well-meaning media would be telling the public it’s a pending disaster, right?

No, the media is there covering the AFSCME protests for more money and spinning it as if it’s the governor’s problem for not giving them what they want.

There you have it. This recipe is being followed all across the country. Everywhere progressive run the show, this is how they run the system.

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Comments (2)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    And the feds, too. My father worked for federal government in the army and then a long career with the VA. When he retired, his pension for the first 17 months amounted to all the money he ever contributed. He lived in retirement for 23 years, and my mother got spousal benefit another 6 years. I’m a numbers guy, and I knew right away the numbers don’t add up. I can’t remember if they succeeded in rolling the federal retirement system into Social Security, the federal employees always resisted it because they got better benefits and a “guarantee” that the money would be there and they hardly had to pay into it.

    For my money, I way we fire 75% of existing government workers and hire back an equal number of auditors to audit how the money is spent and to audit the auditors, …

    My other budget balancing measure is to tax all political campaign contributions as income for the campaign. Given the millions involved, they’ll all be at the highest tax bracket. Bernie wants to tax the rich, politicians have higher incomes than almost everybody in the country, let em pay. Let the PACs pay. New revenue source.

    • bill says:

      like your idea about taxing the politicians. As a numbers guy, you can predict the year the state of Illinois will follow Puerto Rico into bankruptcy. Chicago will go first, then the state. Five years, max.

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