Had Enough Political Correctness?

May/07/2016 6:09AM
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anti PC

The justice department wants to discontinue using the term criminal and replace it with “justice-involved individual”. Why did that sound familiar? In 2010′ Janet Napolitano, then head of Homeland Security, introduced us to “man made disaster” as a substitute for terrorism. Janet, who almost bankrupted AZ as governor, and now is raising tuitions to record highs as the head of the California university system, coined that phrase to avoid saying terrorism.

Let’s keep all of that going:

Murderer: Life-Ending Specialist
Burglar/Thief: Need-Based Borrowing
Arsonist: Fire Enthusiast
Rioting: Spirited Block Party
Vandal: Aspiring Artist

And you wonder why so much of the population is sick of all this. Hence, we have Trump, God bless him. He tells it like it is.

The media in this country has declared themselves judge and jury regarding political correctness. They honestly believe they can destroy individuals and institutions  if they deem one has crossed their lines on what is acceptable.

Remember Rachael Ray, they got her? Before her, Jimmy the Greek. Something offends someone, they run to a lawyer or the media and get publicity. Whoever the offending party is, get’s trashed. I’m tired of all of it. Mostly, I’m tired of the media that created the problem.  But, they are self-destructing in their ignorance and will soon be gone. The two younger generations no longer read newspapers. Network news is losing viewers for good reason. Local news, the same. Cable news is mostly fighting for the same audience and the outlier Fox just lost viewers for their anti-Trump position. Soon, all will get their news right here on the Net.

Soon, Obama and his propaganda will be gone. The ACLU will be around finding liberal courts to get everything they find offensive out of society. But, the ACLJ will be taking them on and stopping some of the nonsense. God is gone, Transgender is in, Cops are bad, “justice-involved individuals” need protection, you can mistreat our flag, but not the Mexican flag, immigrants are part of being American, and when they kill us they are man-made disasters, The death penalty is wrong, but killers need compassion. Guns cause most murders and need control, especially in Chicago where there will be 1,000 murders many of them young kids. But, they have gun control in Chicago.

See, there is one thing always lacking in PC.  Common sense. Take common sense out of the equation and you get ignorance. Ignorance is the media’s best friend. They prey on it, they use it, and they all have more than their share of it personally. Remember Brian Williams?


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Comments (3)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Looter: Social justice shopper
    Inmate: unjustly disenfranchised person of limited roaming ability (Doug Powers created this one over on Michelle Malkin blog)

    This is a fun game, I suggest keeping the ball rolling.

  2. Jack Remington says:

    Rape: unreciprocated love…

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