Trump Meeting with RNC

April/01/2016 14:00PM
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So, first Trump says he will tear up this loyalty pledge since the weasels from the RNC, led by Reince Penis, forced him to sign the pledge, then when he leads the pack for the nomination, they say they won’t back him for the nomination. Then they insert losers like Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Lindsay Graham to come out publicly against him.

Anyone who read Trump’s book, ” The Art of the Deal”, knows how Trump operates. First, he gets leverage, which he has with his votes for the nomination. And, the RNC’s lack of a viable alternative. Next, he says, he will tear up his pledge, since they have reneged on their pledge. Now, it’s checkmate. He runs as an Independent and gets more votes than their lame-assed alternative, but Hillary wins the election. Who’s fault is it? Not Trump’s, it’s the RNC and the Republican establishment. Now there is no more Republican Party, thanks to Mr. Penis and the so-called money grubbing establishment. And, we have Hillary for four years.

What happened in the meeting with Trump and the RNC, set-up right after his announcement that he won’t honor the pledge.

My speculation, the RNC backed off the attack. They will meet with John Kasich and he will agree to run as Trump’s VP. He will also agree to give Trump his votes at the convention. Trump only wants one term so Kasich is in good shape to run in four years. Plus, Kasich delivers Ohio in the general election, helping Trump over the hump. Everyone wins, and Hillary loses. Republicans get behind Trump and Kasich. Hillary loses.

See, Trump has more IQ points than the entire Republican Establishment. That’s why we need him running this country.

One last plea for votes for my friend’s granddaughter, Courtney, from St. Louis University who is doing a charity deal for Ronald McDonald House. Go here, hit vote now, and scroll to St. Louis University. Thanks.

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