The Cupcake Generation

April/04/2016 9:31AM
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It’s doubly bad that our grandkids will inherit a country in trouble. One, because we let it happen and it’s on us. Two, because they are the least prepared to deal with it than any generation in American history. Everything offends them. A student at a prestigious university filed a complaint that his roommate had an American flag on the wall and it was offensive to him. This is what you get when you have 7 years of this: liberal definition   and seven years of this: obama legacy We are on the very brink of making a decision that will either save the country or finish it off. Four or eight more years of liberal philosophy and politics will ensure this generation is emasculated to the point where they will not be able to survive the legacy we left them.

The Cupcake Generation is the result of helicopter parenting.(no explanation needed). The result of everyone getting a trophy and no one loses. Parents paying hundreds to get mediocre students good enough test scores to get into good colleges. But, not good enough for technical degrees, not the top business schools. All of that, explains this.


College is a good investment only if students get high-tech degrees, responds Michael Graham in the Boston Herald. The “Everybody gets a cupcake” crowd doesn’t get it, he snarks.

In 2009, American colleges handed out more business degrees than engineering, computer and biology degrees combined. We graduated about the same number of engineers as we did “Visual And Performance Arts” grads.

. . . What the crybabies of Generation Cupcake want — a good paying, white-collar job right out of college — is available . . .  if you’re willing to do the hard work of earning a valuable degree. But because these little snowflakes can’t do calculus, they end up burying themselves under 50K in college debt for a degree in Womyn’s Studies.

Half of current college kids are “mediocre students” who will earn “meaningless degrees” and “wind up working as the assistant manager at a TGI Fridays.”

Who ends up getting screwed? The rest of the students who actually belong in college. Because demand is artificially high, so are college costs — up 8.3 percent in just the past year at public colleges.

And because there are so many more degree holders, each degree is worth less.

And, it’s a generation not prepared to deal with the future they will face.

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