I Stirred up a Storm on the Wounded Warrior Project Charity

April/09/2016 5:15AM
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 This is taken directly from a comment I made on the Facebook page of this charity. You make the call about how you feel regarding this charity and the work they do. Many of the comments are from veterans. But, two are directly from the Wounded Warriors Project defending their integrity. Both are the same, a robot response. And, when I went to the page where they supposedly defend their expenditures and audit, I find everything is not transparent. It does not address the alleged misuse of funds.
The people who respond go from the WWP to the economy in general. This is mainstream America, not the news media talking. Guess they don’t agree with the rosy picture of the economy. No wonder so many support Trump.
Wounded Warrior Project
April 3 at 9:01am ·

“43 percent of veterans leave their first civilian job within 12 months,” according to a study cited in this NPR piece.

WWP offers our Warriors to Work Program for registered Alumni and family members interested in career assistance. We also work with employers to educate them on the benefits of hiring veterans and to facilitate employment. Learn more at http://bit.ly/Warriors_to_Work.

Unemployment for recent veterans has hit a historic low, but it’s not clear how many veterans are able to use their military experience to get meaningful employment.

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Bill Robertson
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Bill Robertson
Bill Robertson I’v been a loyal supporter to this cause for years. Last month, after golf, three of my friends were talking about some research they did on this charity. Seems it is basically a money pot for those who run it and very little goes to helping vets. I’m done. I verified their research then there was an expose by a reporter.

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Anjei Grimelli
Anjei Grimelli I actually found this out before the published report. Everyone’s out to make a buck and using our veterans seems to be the way now frown emoticon

Wounded Warrior Project
Wounded Warrior Project Bill Robertson, based on our most recent independently audited financial statements, 80.6 percent of total expenditures went to provide programs and services for wounded service members, their caregivers, and families. Our financials are, and always haSee More

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is committed to sound fiscal responsibility. We are proud of…
Robert A. White
Robert A. White Wounded Warrior Project so your saying it’s just a big ‘ol missunderstaning and you’re a vicitm of medai bias?

Bill Robertson
Bill Robertson But after recent tax forms reflected questionable spending by the veterans’ charity on staff expenditures, including $26 million on conferences and meetings at luxury hotels in 2014 alone, Fred Kane called for CEO Steven Nardizzi to be fired.The expendSee More

Bill Robertson
Bill Robertson I defy you to find the issues above on the audit report he cites above.

Anjei Grimelli
Anjei Grimelli And your ceo and cfo didn’t get paid over $2 million dollars a year?

Tim Morehouse
Tim Morehouse Ya, do some research before you believe anything your golf buddies say.

Bill Robertson
Bill Robertson Excuse me, that’s research. Put it there for you and went to their audit. They hide it very well.

Bill Robertson
Bill Robertson Keep sending them your money. I’m finding better ways to give my money to vets but not through the WWP.

Darin Berglund
Darin Berglund I stopped donating as well. What resources I do have, I make sure I help vets in my area.

Bob Trombi
Bob Trombi It’s going to take more than scapegoating two executives, and one clean audit to prove your trustworthiness. You exploited my Brothers and Sisters………. frown emoticon

Kyle Junek
Kyle Junek Wounded Warrior Project So where does the other $100 I give go to then? Last time I checked, I give everything to my battle buddies.

Billy Sylva
Billy Sylva That’s the sound bite they continue to give everybody who asks them a question so that’s just an automated generated response if they keep and continue to give if they’re really at 80% like they say they are which they’re not there a 60.7 if there is 8See More

Billy Sylva
Billy Sylva I apologize for the typos I have to use a talk to text app because I lost a lot of mobility in my fingers during one of my six tours

Bill Robertson
Bill Robertson Billy Sylva Thank you for your service

Billy Sylva
Billy Sylva Thank u all for ur thanks .. and please there are so many more Charities to donate to that I’ve done it to myself now being medically retired and permanently disabled then the Wounded Warrior Project I’m not saying forever I’m just saying for now obvioSee More

Wounded Warrior Project
Wounded Warrior Project Billy, based on our most recent independently audited financial statements, 80.6 percent of total expenditures went to provide programs and services for wounded service members, their caregivers, and families. We are proud of our organization, and we sSee More

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is committed to sound fiscal responsibility. We are proud of…
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Bob Trombi
Bob Trombi I stand by my previous statement.

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Anjei Grimelli
Anjei Grimelli Activities are actually provided by corporations not wounded warriors project. 80.6% is not true. No one who has spoken to me in the last few years my son has been in service will donate to this organization. Thank you Billy Sylva for your service. Blessings to you and your family

Bill Robertson

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Charlie Beal
Charlie Beal Make the money go tto the dam Vets not to executives getin 400k a yr you should be ashamed

Wounded Warrior Project
Wounded Warrior Project Charlie, our salaries are consistent with industry standards and, rather than being excessive, have often fallen at the lower end of compensation paid at comparable organizations. To view all of our financials, please visit http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/mission/financials.aspx.

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is committed to sound fiscal responsibility. We are proud of…
Kimberly Morel
Kimberly Morel 43% leave their first civilian employment…. yeah, because you get out and grab a job, any job, to float you until you find your actual career; or just a better job. This statistic shouldn’t be over dramatized as some mass exodus from the workforce duSee More

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Tricia Nelson
Tricia Nelson I think that the greatest challenge is found in the words, “meaningful employment”. When you have spent months and years dodging bullets, pushing paper doesn’t seem terribly meaningful. I believe the solution lies between merely finding employment anSee More

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Ted Lawson
Ted Lawson I was an NCOIC and had 10-15 Marines working for me ant any given time. 90% of them were smart, hard working, and dependable. Of course, there was also that “10%” that were lazy, drunk, or just sucked at life. That 10% will also undoubtedly suck as a cSee More

Craig Pasanen
Craig Pasanen Get a degree to go with your experience. It helps certify the knowledge from the military. Matter of fact the Post 911 GI bill paid for all of by undergrad and half of my graduate degree. Plus I just got a big promotion. Takes a little effort on the Veterans part.

Katie Mae
Katie Mae I am enrolled in an MBA program and we get sent veteran recruitment fliers for barista, forklift driver, and other low-paying jobs that don’t require an education. Recruiters are looking for veterans not proper placement of candidates. Too many recruiters figure if we were enlisted, we are not capable of anything other than bottom rung jobs.

Al Tansey
Al Tansey Vboi.org is a source of self employment. A 501c program of Veterans helping veteran to become business owners. With several locations already open and soon to be in Hampton VA. I have dedicated a lot of time and effort to get out to all veterans. Even the one they say are unemployable.

The Veteran Business Owners Initiative is a group of programs designed to help veterans develop and manage their own successful businesses.
vboi.org|By Veteran Business Owners Initiative
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Taylor Gonzalez
Taylor Gonzalez I worked as a Walgreens manager as soon as I got out and quit after 3 months. Then I did an EMT program and volunteered as an EMT to gain experience for an actual job. Now I am still volunteering, working, and doing more school. To all the other vets out there, there is something you will find. Don’t give up, drive forward and push through the suck.

Clarisa Ballarta Colchado
Clarisa Ballarta Colchado coming back from deployments, sometimes our views of our civilian jobs changed and it is not any longer meaningful… it takes time to get back to the pace we used to……

Jennifer Followell Pena
Jennifer Followell Pena As a recruiter and a vet myself for the government who is mandated to hire a veteran before somebody else, there are 2 major issues I see. 1. We offer positions to vets who applied to these positions all the time and they decline because they say they See More

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Bobby Ortiz
Bobby Ortiz Right, I had 4, but I actually got a break for being a veteran landing a good paying job with great benefits and another retirement.

Brian G Schwab
Brian G Schwab The last few jobs I’ve had didn’t last long even though I mentioned that I was a veteran. All I’ve done is send out resumes and takes weeks or months just to get a response from an employer.

Sean Drapac
Sean Drapac I got out of the Marine Corps, used the GI Bill to get my bachelor’s and MBA and still had a hard time finding a decent job.Most companies didn’t know how to process a grunt with an MBA (at least one in particular flat out told me that).See More

Carole Asquith Hack
Carole Asquith Hack I also think the strong leadership in the military, makes senior management in most companies look inept. It’s bad enough for civilians but military have to think “this is not someone I can respect” and they leave looking for something more familiar

Linda Ott Gimbel
Linda Ott Gimbel Meaningful??? Well, I believe that is the new struggle for not only vets but for most of American workers who work multiple jobs to keep their families going but find things remain in flux in our economy so much that the meaning has to change and be accepted in many cases. We will never be what we once were. How sad is that?

Carl Armant
Carl Armant Meaningful jobs are nowhere to be found; Walmart just reported a loser last quarter, a first. So much for economic recovery.

Bertha Caler
Bertha Caler It should never happen but it has and it will because we do not treat our veterans as we should! We should salute and thank every single one of them and yet no many are still snubbed!! Sad America our vets fight for us and yet we do what to them? Not even make sure they have jobs!! Dark days America very dark days!!

Emmi Stark
Emmi Stark It’s great that a project like this exist but they choose WHO they help and it’s a shame that they have ceos WHO get paid more than a veteran

Kate O'Donnell
Kate O’Donnell No one wants to hire veterans because of the ptsd stigma. I have tried for five years and I’m still unemployed. I have never had this much trouble finding a job. Also I think it should be illegal for employers to ask why you got out of the military. I See More

Casey Carter
Casey Carter I know I’m tired of pushing papers. But there are no other good paying jobs without an advanced degree.

David Fuhrman
David Fuhrman Average unemployment in the US is around 3.5% prior to 2008. It has barely dropped below 5% since the “recovery” began and, seems content to stay just about 5% now. Low unemployment? Right……

Mike Riter
Mike Riter I haven’t stayed in a job anywhere close to a year since I got out. It seems that being a veteran is almost a crime around here.

Kurtis Rudolph
Kurtis Rudolph Isn’t it funny as much as Americans act as though they Luv & support our veterans, of which I’m 1 that this is even an issue ???? ??????

Ted Lawson
Ted Lawson How exactly does a veteran in the modern era end up with unmanageable college debt? I went to school under the pre 9/11 GI bill and never borrowed a penny. I thought the new GI Bill was even better, and virtually eliminated the need for college loans?

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Dion Chapman
Dion Chapman Vets should have jobs waiting for them after they’ve completed their service. All this talk about $15 for lazy Millennials and our service men and women earn about $8 an hr in their early years. Illegals are treated better. THANK YOU WWP for doing what we pay our so called gov’t to do.

David Evernham
David Evernham I just quit a job two months ago after 14 months, at first I was working alone, great for having PTSD, then they gave me a position that I was getting relieved, after my shift. The guy would never show up on time, two night before I quit, he was 20 minSee More

Chris Rimsa Morrison
Chris Rimsa Morrison I think you need to change the name of this organization after all the corruption from the top. There are a whole lot of pissed off people who have donated regularly, based on the original promise of HELPING WOUNDED VETS…..this started out being a wonderful organization, hope you can bring it back!

Scott Herron
Scott Herron Low unemployment? 94 million Americans are out of work . Wages are down but prices on goods and services continue to rise. Do you see the problem? On top of that veterans continue to get screwed my dysfunctional governments, federal and state.

Charlie Alonso
Charlie Alonso I’d hire them for border patrol, Tsa, and law enforcement instead of some of the clowns that are employed by these agencies

Windy Fabian-Brogin
Windy Fabian-Brogin Many Veterans are unable to keep a job; that is why I think entrepreneurial projects are great for vet. They make better leaders than followers – I believe it’s the way that they are wired.

Bryan Evans
Bryan Evans Probably has something to do with most of us needing to eat and put a roof over our heads. We take what we can get when we get out, then we start looking for a better gig.

Dean Vigus
Dean Vigus That is what Washington and the press always leave out when they talk about the drop in Unemployment. There are too few “Meaningful Jobs” available out there!

Tnek Nuah
Tnek Nuah If your talking about here in America, that unemployment rate is a big fat lies and if your believing anything that the government is telling you, you had better be careful because there is no truth here anymore.

Keith Yeadon
Keith Yeadon No s**t. It IS a stuggle. So is life in general. Get off the pity pot and suck it up. It’s what you’re trained for. I did it. What makes YOU special?

Beth Hudson-Tuck
Beth Hudson-Tuck My husband has been looking for a job for years.

Carol Devore
Carol Devore I was VERY Dissapointed when I heard that my money was going to the CEO and his Crony. I am NOW not contributing because of them!

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Bern Kelly
Bern Kelly Most managers in this day and age find it difficult to motivate. There’s only so far self motivation can go, if you have no sense of purpose.

Michael Shreve
Michael Shreve LOW unemployment is a government scam. The ACTUAL rate of unemployment is nearly 25%. Jobs are available for the UNSKILLED and the highly skilled. NOT much in between.

Lance Barclay
Lance Barclay Vets and most of the rest of us shut out in ’08 – or at least income comparable, then add Barry care and the 50+ % increase for less – Wha-La

Andy Bittle
Andy Bittle That amount seems low, I’d say the non veteran leaves his or her first job within days.

Lanna Jo Neal
Lanna Jo Neal Hopefully wounded Warriors got their financial mess cleaned up…..company was not behaving in the way they advertise. It has done lots of god, but you always have people who scam people who are making donations thinking the money is for the Warriors, See More

Robert Betikofer
Robert Betikofer It iss\ kind of hard to find a job where you can blow stuff up and play with multi millon dollar toys.

Cindy Gates
Cindy Gates Still needs to be a lot more assistant for vets… ALL the way around.

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Tim Denhardt
Tim Denhardt Because unemployment ISNT low….it’s an OweBlamer charade.

Rusty Crucitti
Rusty Crucitti Low unemployment??????

Todd Wolfe
Todd Wolfe Npr is a left wing hack radio.
Just another taxpayer leach. .

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Vic Williams
Vic Williams Unemployment is not really low.

Darlene Koykar
Darlene Koykar The unemployment is not low.

Stuart Yankee
Stuart Yankee low unemployment ? BS

Kerry Woods
Kerry Woods how to find meaningful anything in a society that is nothing if not massively superficial.

Cindy Gates
Cindy Gates Unemployment is NOT low. That is a false narrative from the left.

Debara Wilson
Debara Wilson I believe we should be helping our Veterans any way we can

Cathy Judson McFarland
Cathy Judson McFarland I think fighting for your country would make most jobs pale in comparison.

Vicki Dunmire Crowther
Vicki Dunmire Crowther Lauren Hawthorne this article and most of the comments are right on point re. our vet. ?

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Vincenzo Ernesto Cozzarelli
Vincenzo Ernesto Cozzarelli USA Government MUST do it. They’re not beggarsPlease visit a VA Medical Center.

Rx Grant
Rx Grant Keep on going, Job is definitely not over yet.

Andres Guzman
Andres Guzman I registered over a month ago, and I have not got confirmation I was accepted

Manny Soberon Sr.
Manny Soberon Sr. How do you consider it low unemployment when the labor participation rate is at 63%

Cathy Cremins
Cathy Cremins This is true for Most Americans, …………. TRUMP will change this !

Heidi Tucker
Heidi Tucker Despite low unemployment? So you’re drinking the koolaid too?

Morris Morris
Morris Morris HIRE A VETERAN OR TRAIN A VETERAN THEY WILL ALWAYS DO A BETTER LOB THAN A NON Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Vi Suah
Vi Suah You lost me at “NPR”

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