Trump vs. Republican Party

March/21/2016 5:36AM
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To me, this is simple. The so-called leaders of the Republican Party, the RNC, or the “establishment” , were concerned that Trump would run as an independent. This would be very bad since Ross Perot showed he would just take votes from their boy Jeb and Hillary would win easily. So, they forced Trump to take a loyalty pledge:

trump pledge


The party elders never once considered he would win the nomination. They had millions in the pot to throw at Jeb and he or she with the most money always wins. But, no, Jeb couldn’t cut the mustard. So, now if you are the kind of people I chose to support, you suck it up and get behind the man you forced to sign your cheesy little loyalty pledge. Even if you are the chinless one(Mitch McConnell) or the cajone-less one(Paul Ryan), or the drooler(John McCain), the whiner (Lindsay Graham), or even the loser(Mitt Romney), you get behind Trump and win the election with the man you asked to give the party his loyalty.

But, no, you see these folks have not one ounce of loyalty. Says it all, doesn’t it. We need to elect Trump and make sure we get rid of all the ones who have no compunctions about double-crossing anyone, especially, you, the people.

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Comments (2)

  1. Dick Kachur says:

    With Trump all of the way.

  2. Charlotte says:

    You are so correct. I don’t understand why Mr. Trump is so feared.

    He is, realistically speaking, certainly NOT a conservative. But have any of the candidates put forth by the Repub party the last decade been?
    McCain or Romney? Give me a break.

    And I still do not understand why Mr. Trump was immediately vilified. Because he talked back to the press? YAY! Because he loves this country? Lord knows the present POTUS has made it very clear he does not.

    Go Trump 2016. Screw the Republican party.

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