The Republican Establishment

March/28/2016 15:14PM
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Who is the Republican Establishment that is telling voters who favor Trump that they can’t have Trump?

Here it is folks, the Republican Establishment:

denny hastert


Mr. Denny Hastert. A man who went from high school wrestling coach to the House to Speaker and on to retirement. A man who never made more than 150K a year but could still pay a blackmailer $3 million in cash to keep from being exposed as a pedophile who molested one or more of his wrestlers when he coached.

This is what the establishment wants to keep. The secret formula that allows a Congressman or a Senator to have a job for life and retire a multi-millionaire. If you don’t play ball, you don’t get the support.

As a voter this is enough for me. I don’t care if Trump is arrogant. All politicians are arrogant, especially Obama. I don’t care if he can’t take criticism. None of these egotistical maniacs can, especially Obama.

Does it bother me that the “establishment” can put together polls that show Trump losing to Hillary? No, I believe Democrats dislike Hillary so much they will find Trump a better option. John Kerry calls Trump an embarrassment. What is Kerry, if not a huge embarrassment? Only Hillary could screw that job up more.  McCain, the bottom of his class at Annapolis. Ditched two planes in flight training. Married money and wants to be wheeled into the senate ala Strom Thurmond. Romney, a titular head of successful venture capital company who made a ton of money by putting his establishment name on the door. Got stomped into the ground by Obama, a man short on cojones. Hillary the evil one who would do anything to get this job and has no resume to make it work. John, (Casper Milquetoast), Kasich, the consummate RINO, made millions the same way Hastert did. Bernie, sure let’s become a banana republic. Ted Cruz, the most hated man in the Senate. A hypocrite posing as a Christian who spends quality time with prostitutes.

One candidate who reminds me of the same criticisms directed toward Ronald Reagan. A man who knows how to manage 22,500 people, do businesses around the world. A leader who starts with a vision and gets the team behind him and get’s complex jobs done on time on budget. Most importantly, a man who can’t be bought.

Will he destroy the Republican Party? No, he will fix an almost destroyed party. The Denny Hastert’s will have to go off to be lobbyists to democrats. Fitting work for those who know how to be bought and can find others who are for sale.

As in my previous post, a friend has a granddaughter who is involved in a charitable pursuit at St. Louis University. If you have a minute go to this link and vote for Courtney Reynolds. Ronald McDonald House is a good cause.

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