Hillary and Bernie: All You Need to Know

March/10/2016 9:05AM
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Democrats Introduce Legislation To Safeguard Social Securityenabler


You may think Hillary is a liar, that she should be in jail because of her e-mail issue and the biggest money laundering scheme in history( Clinton Foundation), or that she aided and abetted her serial rapist husband. It may bother you that being first lady, a short-term senator, and a failed Secretary of State does not qualify her to be president. You may think she needs to answer for Benghazi. You may think she had a stroke or  is too old to be president. Or, the stealing of $80,000 of stuff from the White House she had to pay back was tacky. Or, you can just overlook those things and believe having a female president trumps(pun intended) all that.

You may think a worthless socialist who never had a job until age 40 and has never done anything but advocate turning America into Cuba is OK. Or, like a young dumb assed kid, you may want free shit. Or, you may be oblivious to having someone turn the debt from $19 trillion into $38 trillion and sink the ship, since that’s higher economics to you. Or, you may think Bernie can take everything from companies and individuals who work and produce income and pay taxes and give it to people who do nothing and balance the books.

Whichever loser you support, here’s something you can’t ignore. Both support the end of fracking in America. I don’t care how ignorant you are if you aren’t living on the streets and have a house and a car, you have noticed you heating bills have dropped and gasoline prices are below $2 a gallon lot’s of places. California excluded since they are already a Socialist State. Believe me, that didn’t happen because of anything Obama has done. It’s despite him. Fracking did that. The technology both candidate want to end. It’s put an average of $32 billion back in the pockets of mostly poor people every year since 2012.  These two who profess to support the poor want to take it back because their Hollywood friends don’t like fracking and they need the campaign money.  Rich people who can afford it and are environmentalists in lieu of being religious hate it too. They give big bucks to Hillary and Bernie.

So, if you can defend all the other stuff and still vote for either of these losers, just defend this.

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