Empty Suits at the Republican National Committee

February/24/2016 10:33AM
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What happens when the committee designed to represent the republican party no longer represents the party?

What happens when the talking heads on the TV that sell you their candidate for president every four years realize no one is buying their BS? They are no longer relevant. Empty air. The print guys, forget it, they will all be gone by the next election.

Then, there’s the smoke filled rooms where the deals are cut. I’ll throw in a couple of million to get old Marco elected, but I want that special deal on those sugar exports. The smoke is still there and the money is getting spent, but old Marco isn’t winning. Those millions are circling the bowl on a big flush.

Pretty exciting, isn’t it. The people are taking the country back and the previous owners are being relegated to just citizens. Citizens who can’t stop the avalanche.

PRIEBUS: No, I don’t think so, Megyn.. I think that if you look at all these exit polls on both sides of the aisle, I think people are just sick and tired of—of politics in general, sick and tired of Washington, DC, and I think just actually sick and tired of—of all the—both parties. So I mean I—I think it’s just a general feeling out there that’s real. I wouldn’t deny it. But, obviously, all these, uh, folks are fighting to be the nominee and spokesperson of our party, um, and we’re going to be there to support whoever that nominee is.

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As though you have a fcking choice, Reince. If He, Trump runs the table, he’s going to have you serving drinks on the helicopter in a French maid’s outfit.

PRIEBUS: If the delegates, you know, get accumulated in such a way that any one of these candidates becomes the nominee, it’s our job to support that nominee and we will. Uh, so, yes, we’re prepared to support whoever the nominee becomes. I think it’s early in the process, but certainly when it—when the time comes and when we’re sitting, either before Cleveland or at Cleveland or whenever that point may come and however a presumptive nominee, what will happen is the RNC will join in with that nominee and we will put together the biggest—which we’ve already started doing—the biggest ground game and data operation that we’ve ever seen. And you know we’ve made incredible strides at the RNC in becoming far more prepared today than we were four years ago

Footnote: Sorry, Reince, you’re fired. You made Michael Steele look like a genius. He just screwed up a campaign and got Obama put in office. You, Reince, destroyed the RNC, blew billions, pissed off the big money forever, and put hundreds of lobbyists out of work. Guess you better buy that maid’s outfit and get on the helicopter.

And so it goes in the halls of power in the republican party. There is no pie to divide up anymore ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Trump has the pie and he’s sharing it with the voters not the establishment, the media, or the RNC.

He’s running against the most dishonest and disliked candidate in the history of presidential politics and he says we can all go pound sand. He can do this without our help. We are now truly empty suits with no plan and no money, except our own and we don’t spend our own money, ever.


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