Cancel the Republican Convention

February/27/2016 9:02AM
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Why should the people who didn’t support the Republican nominee for president hold a meeting to make it official? Sorry, Cleveland, this is the first place Trump can save money.

Just phone it in. The votes will be there. Trump and his VP can just pick a place to make it official and not have the straphangers there. Certainly, Mitt Romney, won’t be invited. Nor anyone from the RNC or Fox News. The Fox News people gave the last debate to Rubio while the people watching the debate handed it to Trump hands down. Where I worked if you were wrong all the time you got fired. Rubio, yapping like an ankle biting dog, doing what douche bag lawyers do best, yap. The two best lines of the debate belonged to Trump.” You never hired anyone”. And,” you sold your $180K house to some lobbyist for $360K”.

This is the most interesting campaign of my lifetime. The republicans have two lawyers who have never done squat but politic running against a billionaire who has 20,000 employees and a global business. Rubio says Trump inherited $200MM. I can assure you if Rubio, Cruz, or Bernie had inherited $200MM it would be gone by now. It wouldn’t be $10 billion and 20,000 employees. The democrats have a woman who will lie on demand, who is disliked by all, and who may go to jail before the election. She and Bill may have $200MM by now, but they sure as hell didn’t earn it by running a business.  And, an avowed socialist who never worked until age 40. It’s like Trump against the trash heap of America.

But, I regress. How does Reince Penis(no typo), make peace with Trump to hold a convention. Who calls the shots on the convention? The republican establishment, against whom Trump has been running, or Trump? If Trump has more than enough votes going in, what’s to keep him from saying I’ll hold my own convention, you guys go off somewhere with Cruz, Rubio, and Fox News while I count the votes and send you the results. And, I’ll spend that time launching my campaign against Hillary.

I will dissect her billion dollar war chest that she will spend against me and let America know who owns her while I show America that I have sold no part of me to anyone, especially the republican establishment that owns every republican in congress.

This is a true people’s candidate. Not bought and paid for by those who run conventions. Those folks take the people’s money and spend it on flash and dash and self-glorification. The very kind of spending that will get Trump elected president. Remember the Greek columns in Chicago when Obama won the nomination? I still get nausea over that.

Sure, there will be convention, but since all of those involved in the planning still have their fingers crossed that Trump will not be the candidate, how can they ever make peace with the man who will be president despite them. I honestly think they have to go away and stay away forever.

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