Attorneys are Tools

February/07/2016 5:49AM
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Want to drive a nail? Find a hammer. Want to sue someone? Find an attorney. Want someone to run this country? Don’t hire a tool, hire someone who knows how to use tools.

Trump has 20,000 employees. Some have law degrees, but when he has a big legal project, he rents a tool. Tools are expensive. They work by the hour since they will seldom, if ever, perform like most contractors. Give you an estimate and live with the estimate. Only when they take on a contingency project. This is usually a slam dunk and they negotiate a settlement and most of their work is the negotiating of the amount of the settlement and not real legal work.

Trump, on the other hand, has to supervise those 20,000 employees. Can you imagine for one second, Bernie Sanders, a career politician, trying to do that? Or, the ever shrill, Hillary, who can’t manage her e-mail account. Or, Rubio, who is like Obama was in the Senate, campaigning for higher office and not showing up for work. Or, Cruz, the world champion debater, who spills blood everywhere he goes. See, these aren’t even good tools. Trump would not hire a good one to get a zoning problem handled.  These are tools that can’t get work in the private sector. Useless tools that must live at the pubic trough. Cruz actually did some legal work, but it was government work, not private work.

Who is generally held up to be the most successful business man of the past 25 years? Steve Jobs, who was fired by his board of  directors and replaced by a professional manager. Someone better suited to manage the billion dollar enterprise Jobs built. How did that work? While he was on sabbatical Jobs built Pixar while the professional manger damned near destroyed Apple. Jobs and his unorthodox methods came back to Apple and the rest is history.

If you want this country to be great again, don’t hire a tool. Overlook the orthodox behavior of Mr. Trump, he’s been busy learning how to do big things with thousand of employees and solving  complex problems all the time trying his best to avoid having to use the tools this country wants to hire to deal with thousands of employees and more complex problems. See, an attorney is a tool you would rather not use. Especially dull ones that have never done much work.

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