Obama-The Blue Serge Suit President

January/05/2016 9:05AM
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We are getting yet another example of our president making a production of something that will create zero results. I once worked for a man who called these actions “pissing your pants in a blue serge suit, a nice warm feeling, but nothing to show for it”.

Seven years without a legacy and the man is getting desperate. He knows that ObamaCare is just another blue serge suit. Fewer and fewer people sign up every year and states continue to opt out. Young people are mostly out. As the cost for them goes up and the deductions with the cost, they will pay the fine. The most onerous parts keep getting shoved back, like the Cadillac tax and the 50 employee rule. Most, if not all, will be repealed over time.

Gitmo, the first big piss, is still just that, a big piss.

The Iran Nuclear deal. We now have Saudi Arabia and Iran mixing it up and Iran violating the truce with the missile tests and the blue suit is heading to the clearers. Does this really surprise anyone?

Getting out of Iran with all troops. What a big piss that was. For war after war we have kept troops behind. Still have them in Germany, Japan, and Korea. Not this piss ant president, who is smarter than any on earth or in the grave. Gave us ISIS, eh Barack? But, terrorism isn’t a big concern according to you and John Kerry, another pisser, it’s climate change. That’s a great wet job, we can’t really see the stain for another 50 years.

The red line in the sand in Syria, pissed backwards on that one. Really splotched up the pants, eh?

Now we are getting another executive action on gun control. Better take this whiz to keep everyone’s mind off the Iran treaty unraveling. But, the result will be the same. Loonies, terrorists, and Chicagoans in the neighborhoods where he will build his presidential library will still have all the guns they need to wreak their havoc. Just another pair of wet pants with a lot of press coverage. The media seem to always overlook the reek of urine when it comes to Obama.

When he isn’t just pissing around and doing things that matter, it is not good.  He has increased the number of illegals in the country, closed down power plants and coal mines, destroyed the economy, and ruined Teleprompters for every president to follow. He has pussified America with his Mom jeans and little bicycle with the basket and bell and his ballerina moves on the golf course. Ask Putin, who looks at him like he’s the wimp he is. I guess if you wet yourself all the time it’s hard to play John Wayne. Hillary, don’t play the gender card, we’ve already had a female president.

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