Earth Day-1970

January/08/2016 5:05AM
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The true business of selling environmental Armageddon has been going on for 45 years. Dating back to the first Earth Day.

No one has done it better than Al Gore, parlaying it into becoming a billionaire. But, over the years, so-called scientists have profited by creating environmental fears. Progressive politicians see it as a way to back into income redistribution. By taxing carbon they can create a big pile of cash to grow government and it’s power.

climate change research budget

So, is there any reason to believe the scientific world wants to keep the goose laying the golden eggs?

Let me take you back to the first earth day in 1970 and read for yourself what the scientific community was saying about the environment.

In an earlier blog, I cited all the issues the so-called scientists have been back and forth about with their intended guilt trip science. Coffee, trans fats, fats, glucose, etc. If you take some time to read the comments with the article(above), you may find them worthwhile. My favorite, DDT, which has killed millions of people, not the DDT, but the malaria which DDT prevented, is one I have written about many times when referring to junk science.

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