Bernie Sanders’ Supporters

January/13/2016 5:56AM
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Who is driving Bernie Sanders’ poll numbers? He is blowing Hillary away in New Hampshire and pulling even with her in Iowa. He, like Barack Obama, may sink the Clinton ship if he beats her in both states. If the Feds don’t sink her first.

But, I digress. Who is deciding what e-mails and how many to release from Hillary’s private server. And what is legal and what is not? Are there two standards of legality, one for Hillary and the second for the rest of the world? Am I the only person who is skeptical that the FBI is an independent agency pledged to uphold the law?

Back to Bernie. I saw the first Bernie bumper sticker in Arizona this week. It was on a BMW. I pulled along side at a stop sign to see who drives a Beamer and votes for Bernie. It was a young lady in her early 20’s probably on her way to the Four Seasons hotel where she turned in to visit the spa for the afternoon. If I had to bet a lot of money, I would venture that daddy bought her that car. I would also wager that she has no idea that Bernie might take all of daddy’s money and she might have to get a job and give up the Beamer and the spa. Too bad youth is wasted on the young.

I decided I was very under educated on the Bernie backers. Here are some poll numbers.


A Look At Bernie Sanders Supporters According To His Websites Demographics

So there you have it. Fifty percent are under 34 years of age and 58% are female. So to them I guess Bernie looks like the grandfather who gave dad the money to give me a Beamer. They think Bernie will give everyone a Beamer. His economic plan would almost support that with $18 trillion in new spending over 10 years. A big chunk of student loans fall in this demographic. Promising to forgive that trillion plus in loans will get you some of their votes.
How dumb has America’s youth become? Bernie dumb, I guess. There are almost no blacks or Hispanics in this Bernie group, they are still with Hillary. They are obviously not paying attention to Bernie, since he should be their guy. So an old fart who looks like the mad professor in Back to the Future is looking better than a dumpy liar who let some good Americans die in Benghazi, right?
I guess it’s never been much different in my lifetime. We thought Kennedy looked more like us than Nixon. There was Eugene McCarthy. Bubba was appealing to the young voter. Then Barack. The first time, not the second when the young voters stayed home in record numbers.
Why Bernie. Two reasons. Young people always support the downtrodden. It costs them nothing to do that since they have nothing. Two, they like free stuff. They can use it. When young people grow up this changes for many. They get on with life and get jobs and obtain assets and pay taxes. Suddenly they realize that supporting the downtrodden isn’t so great when it’s coming out of their hide. And, they realize there is no such thing as free stuff.
Democrats are writing Bernie off and still believe Hillary is a lock. But, they have no plan B and all the problems surrounding Hillary are a part of her poll number problems. And, once again, like 2008, she is not likeable. If the FBI does come down on Hillary, where does the democratic party go? The Iowa caucuses are next month. Pretty late to dust off old Joe or Elizabeth Warren. Bernie or bust? What does that do to the democratic brand, running an acknowledged socialist at the top of the ticket?
Stay tuned.
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Comments (3)

  1. Charlotte says:

    Thank you for this. I, too, was wondering just WHO is actually voting for an avowed socialist.

    My attitude is that if you want socialism why the heck don’t you go almost anywhere in Europe…it’s not working there, and it isn’t even our form of government.

    People are really, really stupid. I am constantly amazed by this fact every day of my life.

    I saw my first (and only) Sanders sticker on a car about 2 months ago. I didn’t want to see who was driving…just wanted to take out a big, black permanent magic marker and doodle on it…but I didn’t.

  2. Andrew Kubik says:

    I see the Hillary supporters are getting nervous. Good ! Here’s something they should really get nervous about: unlike Hillary’s supporters mentioned in the second paragraph, Bernie’s group actually VOTES.

  3. Karen says:

    I think you misspelled the word “accross” on your website. If you want to keep errors off of your site we’ve successfully used a tool like in the past for our websites. A nice customer pointed out our mistakes so I’m just paying it forward :).

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