Republican National Committee Destroying the Party

December/11/2015 16:22PM
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Dr. Ben Carson may run as an Independent. The RNC thinks it is calling the shots in this presidential election. It’s time for the group to wake up and smell the coffee. They and their ideas are the reason Donald Trump is trouncing their pet candidates. The country is tired of you and all you represent. You can either get the message or take the party down in flames forever. Simple as that.

The old boys club represents droolers like John McCain who got Obama into office.  Losers like Michael Steele who helped produce the Obama miracle and Reince Priebus, who sounds like a sneeze, and who cost us the chance to get Mitt into the White House.  Carl Rove who is wrong most of the time.  You are all yesterday. The era when you controlled the money and hence the choice of candidates. But, your money was never enough to offset the millions in free positive ads runs by the liberal media gratis for the democrats.

Here’s a flash. Voters are done with you and Trump doesn’t need your money. You are the pig who needs lipstick, not Trump or Carson. You don’t get it. The public has had it with the man in the Mommy jeans riding his little bike on Nantucket with the basket and bell. The country needs John Wayne and the candidates going up in the polls are ones showing cajonies.  Trump, Cruz, and Christie. It’s time to defend our land and the democrats have shown they have no interest or capacity to do that job.

You best realize you are no longer the high-priced lady of the evening but a broken down street walker who needs to get in bed with these guys ASAP. There’s an old college drinking song that harkens back to what you have become.

Twas a cold winter’s evening, the guests were all leaving,
O’Leary was closing the bar.
When he turned and he said to the lady in red,
“Get out, you can’t stay where you are.”
Oh, she wept a sad tear in her bucket of beer,
As she thought of the cold night ahead.
When a gentleman dapper stepped out of the crapper,
And these are the words that he said:

“Her mother never told her boys,
The things a young girl should know
About the ways of college men,
Of how they come and go, mostly go.
Now age has stolen her beauty,
And sin has left its sad scar.
So remember your mothers and sisters,
And let her sleep under the bar.”

So, pick your sorry asses up from the barroom floor and clean yourselves up and make peace with the future. Detox, rehab, and sober up. You  have spent our political capital and your crappy resumes as professional politicians is a stigma. People who have real accomplishments in life are what the public wants now. We’ve had a man who never did anything and we have watched him do nothing for 7 years. And, what he did do was wrong.

Trump is the solution and you need to make sure he gets your total support today, not next week, or next month, but today.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    WELL SAID!! Thank you. The establishment Republicans are no different than the Dems…they are wreaking havoc with this nation while they laugh all the way to the bank.

    Can’t wait for President Trump. AT LEAST he loves this country.

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