President Obama Speaks on Terrorism

December/07/2015 5:47AM
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I confess I did not watch my president’s speech on terrorism. I watched the end of a movie on HBO instead. I was certain he had nothing to say.  I was taught by my parents that if you have noting to say it’s better to say nothing.  I have known for seven years that Obama never learned that lesson.

I did not want to hear another simplistic lecture on gun control laws. Nor, did I want to get the “be kind to our neighbors” speech.  This speech will do more damage to the democratic party efforts than anything and gun sales will skyrocket. It’s the hope for change speech.  Do nothing and hope something changes.

As I watched the local news last night they desperately tried to put lipstick on this pig, but the biggest sound bite was ” this is only the third time he has spoken from the Oval Office”.  For all I know it’s only the third time he has been in the Oval Office. I scanned the Google options recapping the speech and most start with that headline.

Homegrown terrorism that is spontaneous and without a geographic source but from a religious source spawning hatred for all non-believers is not an easy problem to solve. But, it would help if our leader had a plan. Denial, the plan up to now, is not a plan. Hoping it goes away or that Putin or Europe solves the problem is a plan but not without a lot of optimism.

All we are left to accept is that we can only hope things don’t get worse in the next 13 months until we get a new president.

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Comments (2)

  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    I was trying to take a nap after a long flight. I watched part of his speech but like you said he didn’t say anything. The bad thing is we still have a year of this

  2. Mike Herr says:

    First half was rehash of the same old 4 point failed strategy. Only drone targeting has been at all successful. The other 3 parts have failed miserably and one part, arming and training locals, has now failed TWICE. However, in the second half of the speech I was amazed to hear Obama imply that Muslims have some responsibility and to call out the Muslim world to participate actively and aggressively in the solution. I am still in shock!

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