Syrian Refugees

November/17/2015 8:19AM
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The decision to bring in some number of Syrian refugees(10,000 to 180,000, numbers seem to range between these two) is a hot debate topic. When  it was discovered that a refugee was involved in the Paris attacks, the debate escalated.

The Obama position revolves around dogma. He says we need to be true to our values. Sounds nice, like so many things his speechwriters put on his TelePrompter, but what does it mean? I think it revolves around two statements we are hearing a lot these days. One, “we are a notion of immigrants”.  That’s a lot like “true to our  values” This gets used a lot with the 11MM illegals here as well. Two, “give us our sick, your poor”, the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France.

If I understand all of this, I’m supposed to set-aside all common sense and salute whatever crazy idea any leader puts forth. We are a country of laws is also being used. This doesn’t require a lot of interpretation, since we can read laws. Like immigration laws. These laws say those who snuck in go back. My friend has a daughter-in-law who came here illegally. She and his son had four kids. She went back and it took well over a year for her to fulfill the laws to return to this country. That’s how it should work for the remaining 11 million as well. But, I’m supposed to buy the baloney that we owe them something for committing a crime and it’s based on us being a nation of immigrants. Excuse me, those seeing that inscription did not see it on a rock by the Rio Grande. They came through the front door.

Now, Obama has done another “line in the sand” deal. For, political reasons only, he want to import Syrian refugees. Again it’s based on “who we are” and “our values”. My values don’t include importing terrorism. My values don’t ask me to set-aside all common sense for dogma. Obama dogma. Some say our invasion of Iraq is the reason for the terrorism.  Really, do you remember “freedom fries”?  That came about because the French refused to support us in Iraq. If ISIS is an outgrowth of Iraq why did they attack the country that refused to invade Iraq?

Let’s examine all the illogical dogma distributed by this president. He said he wanted to close Gitmo because it was a factor in our being hated by Islamic followers. He wanted to try them in civil courts, He wanted to apologize for the enhanced interrogation tactics. He called Ft. Hood a workplace incident. He put some dumb label on terrorism that no one can remember. He has never once uttered the words radical Islam. He bowed to the Saudi Prince. Despite all of this, ISIS, or ISIL as he alone calls them, are on my TV telling me they are coming here. And, I’m supposed to believe the man who always gets it wrong will get it right and vet the refugees so no bad guys slip in. And, it’s bad guys because few women or elderly men are coming.

Here’s why we have ISIS or ISIL, Mr. President. After every war in our history, we left troops behind. Still have them in Japan, Germany, and South Korea. But, no, you Mr. Genius, knew we didn’t have to do that in Iraq. So you didn’t. Left behind a weak group of Iraqi troops with a lot of US weapons and guess what? Radical Islam which has declared war on all non-Muslims scooped them up and took over and moved into other parts of the Middle East.

Now, based on that judgment of yours and a few pithy comments, I’m supposed to accept a few boatloads of young men from Syria? When your own CIA, FBI, and Department of Homeland Security people are saying there is no way they can keep and eye on them? No dice. no way, no how.

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