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November/24/2015 5:44AM
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When did the political opinion section and the sports pages in the newspaper merge? The first section of today’s newspapers are devoted to some news and a concerted effort to convey a liberal slant to that news. It’s so blatant today that editors can’t deny their bias. So, if you don’t like the slant you skip this entire section of the paper and go to the sports page.

Now that’s ruined. Sports writers have gotten confused with their role in journalism. Basically, they are out to destroy sports in this country. We are supposed to learn from them all that is bad in sports in this county.

One day, its high school football needs to go away. It’s far too dangerous. The next day, its college football is going away, too few high school kids playing the game and not enough recruits to staff the college ranks. The next day, its pro football needs to go away since every player is beating a wife or girl friend or abusing substances.

Patrick Kane is suspected of rape in his hometown of Buffalo. The dunce from the Chicago Tribune convicts him day one. The Blackhawks need to drop him from the team. Oh, the charges are dropped, the dunce moves on to some other poor athlete. Michael Sam, the gay football player from the University of Missouri is not picked high enough in the draft. Wait, the same university that is not inclusive of minorities. Sam’s fortunes are big news for weeks. Finally, his dream of being in the NFL is gone and he’s out of the news.

The NFL has deflategate. Tom Brady is suspended for the first five games of the season. Every low-life sportswriter n this country was in that locker room and knows the real truth. Brady goes to court and wins. Pacman Jones plays on in the NFL with a rap sheet that runs to 10 pages but sportswriters want Brady’s  head for under-inflated footballs.

Nancy Armour who writes for USA Today is a political writer misplaced on the sports page. She moves the issues in the front section of the paper to the sports pages. Political correctness, diversity, and the flaws in athletes, coaches, managers, owners, etc. Funny thing, athletes and teams are a cross-section of society. To expect perfection is a fool’s game. But, I don’t read the sports pages to focus on the foibles of athletes. The editors of today’s papers and sports talk shows seem to think it’s their sole job to highlight these issues, large and small, and provide us their studied opinion about the guilt of the party involved, right or wrong.

Please leave my section of the paper alone. Write the stuff I never read in the rest of the  paper. Reasons why I should be a flaming liberal, but keep your liberal opinions out of the sports pages, Write about sports please.

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