Obama Energy, Inc.

November/09/2015 5:15AM
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No president in history has gotten it wrong on energy more than Obama. He’s betting the farm on unproven alternative energy, and if he’s wrong, the farm will be up for grabs.

He blew billions on bad ideas like Solyndra.  His failure to make this work does not deter him from trying to curtail hydrocarbon production in any form. Hence, the Keystone Pipeline is dead. Cheap crude from Canada coming to Nebraska for redistribution to golf coast refineries is a bad idea, why? Obama, and his progressives are against Canadian tar sand production. Will not building the pipeline change anything? No, but the environmental lobby will keep donating to the democrats. Canadian oil will go to China.

He has closed coal mines in West Virginia. No democrat will be elected dog catcher in that state again. He has closed coal–fired power plants using executive privilege through the EPA. Does he care if there is replacement power? No, doesn’t matter. Does matter to the poor and working people who have higher electricity bills.? Of course.

He knows one thing for sure. He and the democrats will never be blamed for any of these bad decisions. Want proof, here it is.

In the summer of 2014 when oil prices were going up, Obama made this speech: “I have unleashed my law enforcers to make sure that acts of manipulation, fraud, or other illegal activity are not behind increases the price that consumers pay at the pump.” See the politicians who create the problems have a compliant media to point the finger at others when the problem occurs. It’s been that way since 1974. Why are the speculators who Obama sent the law enforcers after not driving oil prices back up? They didn’t drive them down and they can’t drive them back up.

Despite Obama, the oil industry has used technology they developed to generate production on private lands. This has driven prices down and created a recession in the oil patch curtailing new drilling.

Every decision Obama and his progressives have made and will make will lead to higher energy prices in the future. He wants to set an example for the world that we are doing more than any other nation for climate change. That’s tantamount to having the nicest lawn in the ghetto. Your house falls down, shots are fired at you weekly, neighbor’s dogs and kids run wild over your lawn, but it looks really good.

There is precious little common sense in Washington DC and virtually none in Obama Energy, INC.

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