Charity Begins at Home

November/20/2015 5:06AM
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The raging debate about the Syrian refugees is a good example of American charity. When is enough too much?

For liberals there is no such point.  For the average American that point is somewhat defined. For those of us who pay taxes, and that’s becoming less than half of us, we struggle with that this time of year. We can write checks to our charities and get the end-of-the year tax deduction. Or, we can make gifts to our kids and grandkids and reduce what we leave behind for the government to tax as they lower us into the ground. Either decision is somewhat worrisome in an unknown future. None of us want to become charity cases for our kids. So, when is enough too much?

Young people today want free college, student loan  forgiveness, and a $15 minimum wage for every employee at every college and university. Some politicians, like Bernie Sanders, say we can do it. Just tax the 1%ers more. We have an $18 trillion debt to pay. Loans we have taken to finance the charity we as a country have paid in the past that exceed our capacity to pay. Is the country not like my household, worried about being a burden to future generations? In a word, no.

Sadly, those people making those spending decisions have zero checks and balances. Want proof, look at the USSR, which is no more. Spent themselves out of business. Too many people not working and one too many wars.(Afghanistan) Look at Detroit, same deal, too many not working and not enough tax revenue to cover the required charity. Look at Illinois, about to become Detroit.

See, there is no conscience in an election. There is no accountability in politics. There is only one prize, getting elected. So, if the majority of voters in the country need charity they will vote for politicians who promise charity. Those politicians will provide the charity to keep getting the votes.

How does this relate to Syrian refugees? Beyond the security issue is the cost. Just who pays for these jobless people? Just as someone pays for the foreign aid to the countries whose love we try to buy, the United Nations that votes against us, the billions we spend to support the living requirements of the immigrants here now, legal and illegal. The meter runs and the cab circles the block and we check our wallets and purses and ask when we tell the driver to stop.

I will write the checks to my favorite charities and gift my family and pay my taxes and risk that I will not outlive the money. But, there may come a day when my government creates an economy where I can’t get a return on shrinking assets and it still demands more and more from me in taxes. For charities I don’t support, like bringing Syrian refugees here. I’m told it’s right and proper to bring risky young men here because “that’s who we are”. I’m told that by a man who I don’t respect. Basically, his argument is we do it because I say we must. His track record on judgment is not good. Hence, I need a stronger argument. I have absolutely no qualms that this man would make us Detroit. He and the man who made Detroit what it became, Coleman Young, have much in common and it’s not color, it’s bad judgment.

Are you writing fewer checks to charity for smaller amounts this year? Do you feel bad that someone might suffer for your lack of charity? Will you not watch A Christmas Carol on TV this year because you feel like Scrooge?  Don’t feel so bad. If your president does his bidding despite 80% of us not agreeing you will be supporting a needy Syrian refugee.

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