Ben Carson

November/06/2015 9:32AM
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ben carsonFor this reason, we should elect you to the biggest CEO job in the world? Just like we elected a community organizer? Or made a Viet Nam hero senator for life in Arizona? You should have a place in heaven for your good works, but not in my White House.

Please people, running this country is not brain surgery. It’s not a job for lawyers, who are beavers who dam up the streams of progress. How many attorneys are CEO’s or presidents of major corporations? Damned few, and for good reason. They sell words not make things happen.

How about electing a woman who screwed up two corporations because we like her debating skills. Or, another woman who struggles to tell the truth and screwed up our foreign relations all over the world because she set a record for frequent flyer miles? It sure made her husband happy.

It’s time to stop and think. What are the qualifications for the job. Reading a Tele-Prompter, we have that? Color or gender, we have that? Debating skills?

Keep one thing in mind. Our government could not run a whorehouse.  The government took over the Mustang Ranch in Nevada and it failed to make money.

The media will try to elect this president for you. Ignore them, they can’t run anything either. Use your own good judgment. It’s the biggest hiring decision you will make in your lifetime.

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