Who Will Decide the Next President?

October/13/2015 7:17AM
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A simple question with many answers. Is it a simple majority of the population of the USA? No, first of all, in 2012, we had 58.2% of eligible voters turn out, down from 61.6% in 2008. So, just a little over half of the citizens who could vote, do vote.  Sad, but true.

Then, there’s that little thing called the Electoral College. Big population states like California, New York, and Texas have big electoral numbers. A president needs 270 votes to be elected. There are 160 in the aforementioned states. There are 9 swing states that will determine the outcome of the 2016 election. They are: Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin,  Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida.  These states represent 120 electoral votes and the other states will more than likely vote as they traditionally vote.  Whichever candidate wins these states will become our next president.

Labor unions can influence the vote. First, by campaign contributions, then by getting out the vote. The NRA will play a role, and it’s looking like a bigger role this next election.

Cash is important. It will take over a billion dollars to finance the next campaign. In recent years much of that goes to smearing the opponent. Special interests will kick in to get special favors if they get their candidate in office.

But, across this nation in the next year in the offices of the mainstream media they will be holding regular meetings to see how they are doing to get their candidate of choice  elected. Here’s how that works. A candidate like Romney makes a statement like, “there are 47% who will vote for Obama, no matter what. The ones who are dependent on government”. The media  will run with this.  Their candidate can say something like, “you didn’t create that job” and they will underplay the equally damaging comment. Ever since they brought down Nixon  this group believes they have the real power in this country. And, if this group can take a brainless tribe like the Kardashian’s and make them millionaires, they may be right.

Then you have Obama, himself. It is becoming increasingly apparent that he does not like Hillary Clinton. There is no other explanation for the government having three separate agencies investigating her right now.

Something strange seems to be happening at this point in the campaign. The public seems to be ignoring some of the traditional triggers. The Teamsters did not endorse Hillary. This is not the first time this union turned it’s back on a democrat. They went for Nixon, Bush, the first, and Reagan. Polls show voters favoring non-traditional candidates like Donald, Carly, Ben, and Bernie. The media desperately likes Hillary, but Obama may override that. Hillary has the most money, but she may be done and doesn’t know that yet. The media attacks Trump but it just adds to his poll numbers. Obama goes to Oregon to politicize a tragedy and attack the NRA and protesters and family members of the victims tell him to go home.

The GOP has a Speaker of the House resign and get their replacement stooge all lined up and it doesn’t work. Citizens are unhappy and some members of the house are getting the word. They may have to ride on Trump’s coattails to be reelected.

This is a country that’s like a bear market on Wall Street. More sellers than buyers. It’s an undercurrent of unrest saying we are losing trust. Losing trust in those who are elected, those who want to be elected, the media and the incumbent president who is scared of his shadow. He wears Mom jeans but a large percentage of Americans have not become wimps with him. this country still has a spine even if our leader doesn’t.  Too much broken and the media band aids don’t cover the cuts. Remember a guy named Reagan once got 525 electoral votes out of 538 in 1984, so it can be done.


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