Who Will Be the First?

October/16/2015 6:15AM
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It’s coming. It will arrive before the November 2016 election. Someone will do it. The only question is who?

Bernie and Hillary are already talking about free tuition for all for college. College administrators have to be drooling. They will be able to raise prices and waste money better and faster than they can now. It will be like winning the lottery. Professors now making $200K for teaching 300 hours a year will jump to $500K. Climbing walls on every campus. Student centers that will make the closest Four Seasons look shabby. They won’t be able to build them fast enough. El-Hi teachers unions will be demanding raises and strikes will be common in every school district every year. The local new community college is hiring anyone with a degree and putting pressure on anyone with a degree to come to work there. It will be so great. It’s the classic case of supply and demand. Why go to work after high school? Screw off for a year or two and call it college before you flunk out.

We will have huge shortages of skilled workers. Those wage rates will skyrocket as well. It’s called supply and demand there too.

But, that’s not what I’m asking when I ask, ” who will be the first?” But, the two do fit together.

Which candidate will add this little twist to the platform. “If elected, I will forgive all student loans.” All, $1.2 trillion of them. It’s coming and you can say you read it here first.

After all, if tuition is going to be free, how can we ask those who took out loans to pay for those loans. Plus, what better way to pick up votes? It’s a whole different class of voters than the ones you are giving the other free stuff to for their votes. Hell, you are getting doctors, lawyers, petroleum engineers, and even teachers and professors.

Will it be Bernie or Hillary? I’ll bet you just can’t wait to see who pulls this rabbit out of the hat.


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