When America Becomes Illinois

October/04/2015 5:17AM
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This is what you get when a state goes broke. When the state can’t pay lottery winners. When a state has been run by two democrats with a combined time in office of 81 years. When you give away more than you can possibly  take in through increased taxes. When you elect a Hillary Clinton or even worse, a Bernie Sanders to run this country. It’s now up to us to keep track of when our license plate tags expire so we can send money to the people who can’t afford to send us the reminder notice with the special key so we can re-new over the phone in 2 minutes. 

The people of Illinois thought they were done with this. They elected a Republican governor who is a businessman . Any of this starting to sound familiar? He pledged to fix the broken finances. Guess what, the two Democrats, Michael Madigan who runs the House, and John Cullerton, running the senate, have blocked ever effort to cut the budget. If they aren’t stopping change, a judge somewhere appointed by a democrat is. And, the ever-present media is attacking every effort to cut costs with a parade of crying stooges.

In the end, the ultimate answer is term limits. You can’t have leaders who represent a small percentage of the population destroy an entity.


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