Case for Bigger Government

October/27/2015 12:50PM
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Let’s see, the only compelling reason is to prove government does it better. How is government doing?

Mortgage loans. Freddie, Fannie, and the FHA were the true culprits in the housing bubble. If banks had to take the risk for the shaky mortgages they wrote, they would have written far fewer. And, if you recall the government was putting inordinate pressure on the banks to issue more minority mortgages. “Home ownership is an American right”. These all go away.

College tuition. Same deal. Get the government out of the student loan business and banks won’t make the loans. Far fewer loans and far fewer young people who shouldn’t go to college don’t go. Trade schools fill up and my friend who can’t hire a mechanic will have choices. Colleges will close. Those that don’t will have to get competitive on tuition costs. There will be a different set of college presidents than we have today. Efficiency will take precedence over frills and waste. College administrators will challenge tenure instead of the rest of us.

Post office. Ship it over to the private sector. They will stop shipping 3rd class mail at a loss.

Transportation rail. Amtrak goes to private sector. Either it works or it goes away and buses do well.

Education. Give it to the states. When it’s 100% up to property taxes for funding, it will also get efficient.

Health Care. Set up an insurance program like the National Flood Insurance. We all pay into a pool for those who don’t have insurance. Just as we rebuild houses over and over again for those who won’t move off the beach. It’s unfair but it won’t disrupt the entire health care system like Obama Care is doing.

Energy. Get the hell out of the energy business and open government lands for production.

Homeland security. Put the TSA into the private sector like every other country has. Stop the duplication between the DHS and NSA, FBI, and CIA.

VA Hospitals. Privatize. Pay existing hospitals to treat veterans and sell the VA hospitals to the highest bidders. Bidders who are treating veterans.

IRS. Streamline the process and fire the people. Indict those who were working with Lois Lerner and send them to jail.

Foreign Aid. What can I say?

The UN. Ship their ass to Russia.

Department of Transportation. Gone, off to the states who get the federal gasoline tax money.

How’s this plan for bigger government? We are constantly being told by our career politicians that none of this is possible. Well, let’s try non-career politicians for a change and get term limits. Make lobbying illegal.

While we are at it, let’s eliminate the penny. It costs a lot of money for zero value. That’s my two cents worth.

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  1. Mike Hogan says:

    Hi Bill,

    I agree with everything you just said!!

    Mike Hogan

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