With Politicians Perception is Truly Expected to Be Reality

September/22/2015 5:18AM
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I am not a sexist. I had more female executives reporting directly to me than any other executive at my company. They were extremely competent, qualified employees who got the job done  and many advanced to very high levels in the company.  Early on, when diversity was a numbers game we tried to promote females beyond their capabilities.  It took time to sort that out and we had difficult years in the process and many good female employees suffered by a process that didn’t work.

When I look at Hillary and Carly I see two females vying for a job they are not equipped to do. I won’t even try to dignify Hillary’s resume, since you can’ t find a staunch Hillary fan who can name one accomplishment  for Hillary. Carly, on the other hand, is more complex.


This is not a pretty picture. In the business world we judge by the numbers and by any sense of the numbers, Carly was an abject failure. She banters numbers that have no resemblance to the facts and hopes that no one will ever read what the summary(above) shows about her performance as a business executive. Flawed judgment, poor personal relationships, stubborn actions, and the rest all add up to a CEO who was fired and fired quickly.  She is using a bogus business platform to justify being president of the most powerful country in the world.

Here’s a better example of the soul of Ms. Fiorina. Her touching story about losing a kid to drugs was truly that, touching.  I’m sure we all had a picture of a teenager who OD’ed on hard drugs.  But, the truth, not the perception, is that Carly had no kids. She was talking about a step-daughter who was ten when Carly broke up the marriage between her father and birth mother. The birth mother raised the daughter, not Carly.  The step daughter was 35 when she died of prescription drugs and alcohol. Does this reality really fit the situation she used the story to represent? Does it sound a little like Hillary discussing how broke they were when they left the White House?

The media would dearly love the Republican Party to nominate Carly so they could write stories like this about her and assure Hillary’s path to the White House.  If you want to buy Carly as the best suited candidate to be president, buy it. But, don’t let someone who sold Obama to America sell her to you.

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  1. Bill Robertson says:

    Had comments that CAPTCHA not working. It’s a math problem. Fill in the answer please.

  2. Tom Reynolds says:

    Ilike Trump better. He has a better record. He doesn’t owe anyone anything and I think he will find the people to get the job done.

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