Caveman Politics

September/25/2015 5:35AM
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For the most part all sitting and wannabe sitting Democrats support caveman politics. Simply stated its 80/50 goals. Reduce greenhouse emissions by 80% in 2050.

I’m a retired businessman and setting aside your feelings about climate change let’s look at the implications  of this goal.

Will you grant me that there’s some correlation between GDP and energy consumption? Poorer countries, i.e., use less energy. If so, let’s just look at the facts according to an article in the Wall Street Journal by Robert Bryce. In 2012 according to the IEA the average North Korean was responsible for 1.83 tons of carbon dioxide and the average per capita GDP was $1,800 per year. For the same year the US totals were 16.15 tons and $54,600. To get to the goals set by the democrats the U.S. number would shrink to 3.23 tons per capita. That would put us on a par with Mexico at 3.72 tons and a per capita GDP of $10,400 per year.  Before they invented fire, the cave men might have been lower.

Oh, you say, it will be done by renewables. How’s that working for countries like Germany who are backing away from that commitment? Germany has spent $100 billion for subsidies for their renewables. To get to their goal of 80/50 it will take another $1.3 trillion over the next two decades.  For the U.S. that translates to $5 trillion to et to the same goal. Add that to the $1.2 trillion for ObamaCare the crackpots have already established and you might see the problem.

Somewhere along the way the plan will be scrapped. But, will it be before the economy is completely destroyed, or after?

There are many considerations regarding the forthcoming election, but this might be the biggest. You can see why non-politicians like Ben, Carly, and Donald are gaining traction.  It’s called common sense.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    If the progressives of either party are elected, I’m going with “after” the economy is completely destroyed.

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