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August/13/2015 5:18AM
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Have you gotten this on Facebook or Twitter? It’s put out by the Ohio Teacher’s Association. Sorta like the old song “Look for the Union Label”.

Pithy crap to make you think our teachers are over worked and under paid. The very crap that keeps us sinking in the world’s test comparisons. Let’s look at test scores of the kids we send to those schools rather than the cars in the parking lots. The office parking lots across the street is full also, but the workers there are also there in June, July, and August. They are there the 20 other days the teachers are celebrating some obscure holiday or having conventions. Or, a snow day with 2 inches of snow.

If we ever want to improve the product of our educational system in this country we need to stop buying the union propaganda and even how much little Jane likes Miss Johnson, her precious teacher.  Go to a site where the retirement salaries of your state’s retired Superintendents-of schools are listed. In Illinois the top 50 are all getting over $200K a year in pensions and it’s escalating at a set 3% a year. Your kids got cheated on their educations vs. the world. What you pay in property taxes isn’t covering what you pay in pensions to those who are responsible for cheating your kids. Those generous pensions negotiated by the unions who put out the propaganda(above) is going to bankrupt your city and state with the pension burden. Wake up folks. You are buying K-Mart products and paying Needless Markup prices(Neiman Marcus).  Scores count and our scores suck, to be frank, and continue going down despite all the money being spent to raise them.

Here’s a few other things those teachers are doing in those parking lots.

High school teacher jacks off student in parking lot


A teacher at an Oklahoma City alternative school was arrested after she was found her …

These are just a few of the responses one gets if you google teachers/parking lots. There are many good teachers just like you have in any workplace. But, there are also many who are not teaching up to par and they keep teaching because the system is broken.

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