Politicians Don’t Care about Us

August/27/2015 5:03AM
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Trump is getting a lot of attention running as a non-politician. America hates politicians. Why? Doesn’t matter what party, they simply don’t care about the average person.

Here’s proof. A bridge sags on I-65 in Indiana north of Indianapolis. How does the governor of Indiana, a Republican who once was a name bantered about for a run at the presidency, Mike Pence, handle this problem? He shuts down 60 miles of a major north-bound interstate highway to fix a bridge.  Bumper-to-bumper traffic for 60 miles on two-lane roads through corn fields. That’s the detour.  Delays run  from just over an hour to as much as four hours in peak times.

This is just typical of all areas like this. Delays for taxpayers, no problem. Jerks at the post office or DMV, no problem. Building permit department–little kings and queens who try to keep anything from being built. Mayors, pompous asses. Government workers in Washington DC, highest absentee rate in the world.

Screw you Jane and Jack, here’s what counts. Power brokers who can help a politician get elected, stay elected, and kick in cash to provide a rich retirement life.

Most couldn’t run a lemonade stand. But, they learn how to run a campaign and get elected. No wonder we have a mess in this country. Think your vote counts, think again. Send a letter to any of your elected officials from your councilman to the president and you get a form letter back.

School board are manned by idiots, college board by bigger idiots, managers of government employees can’t manage their families, and spending is the name of the game up and down this list.

All supported by a media that will attack any effort to run any of these areas in a responsible fashion.

Trump is getting this attention for good reason. As a nation we are waking up to all this and admitting we need change. Big Change. Thanks Mike Pence.

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